The Church as God’s Unplanned Plan B: “A Secret Rapture?”

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The Church as God’s Unplanned Plan B: “A Secret Rapture?”

March 4, 2013 @ 8 Comments

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The [dispensational] methodology itself prevents the interpreter from looking at all the data with any semblance of objectivity. Carried through in other instances, this would, for example, force us to argue that because the Bible reveals that there are three persons called God in the Scriptures, there must be three Gods.

The following is excerpted from A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times by Kim Riddlebarger (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2003).

In an examination of his doctrinal views, a young pastor of a church in the northern Philippines was asked if he believed in the “Secret Rapture.” He couldn’t answer, because he didn’t believe in a Rapture that is “secret,” but a Biblical “rapture” of saints at the Second Coming of Jesus.

What do I mean by a “Biblical rapture”? Find out from the excerpt below, which I hope would be of benefit to all Christian readers who want to understand what this popular teaching called the Secret Rapture is all about.

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