Prophecy Conference: Economic Crisis as a Sign of the Last Days?

Prophecy Conference: Economic Crisis as a Sign of the Last Days?

February 22, 2009 @

“There are signs that would indicate we are in the Last Days leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus… The Bible is clear. As we get closer to his return, there are going to be great global catastrophes.”

The above prophecy is from Jack Hibbs, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Hills, as he promotes the February 20-22 Southern California Prophecy Conference. Here are some other prophecies from the same conference:

“There is no doubt that the Antichrist has already been born. Firmly established already in his early years, he will, after reaching maturity, achieve supreme power.”

“At no time in the history of the Christian Church have the conditions necessary to the Lord’s return been so completely fulfilled as at the present time.”

“We are the generation that will see the end times… and the return of Jesus.”


Just kidding. These quotes (in the order listed) are not from the conference, but from Bishop Martin of Tours (France), ca. 316-397; Clarence Larkin, American dispensationalist, 1918; and Hal Lindsey, American dispensationalist, 1980!

When will these false prophets stop? What’s even more amazing is that all of these American dispensationalists equate the kingdom of God with America. In his latest book pandering to the fear of the present economic turmoil, The Late Great United States: What Bible Prophecy Reveals About America’s Last Days, Mark Hitchcock writes that although America (a.k.a. Abraham) has historically enjoyed the blessings of God (cf. Gen 12:3), those blessings might be ending:

“Unless we experience a moral revival and shake off the domination of the secular humanists who control our government, media, and public education, we will be a fifth-grade power in twenty to thirty years.”

Of course, the nation Israel always has to be in the dispensational equation. Hibbs speculates that the economic crisis today could weaken America by hampering its ability to help Israel. Again, the false teaching that the future of America and the world centers on Israel, and not on Christ and his church.


When will the “signs of the times” be upon us? Anthony Hoekema, in The Bible and the Future, writes about common misunderstandings concerning the “signs of the times”:

Hoekema on the "Signs of the Times"

In other words, because the “last days” encompass the period between the first and second comings of Jesus, the “signs of the times” will be present in this period, although with increasing intensity. So there is no point in saying that we are the “terminal generation.” Every false prophet throughout the history of the church, beginning with Montanus in 150 A.D. all the way to present false prophets such as Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, John Hagee and others of the same ilk, had always declared that Christ will return during their days!

For more on the subject of the “last days” and the “signs of the times,” see the following:

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