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  • Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    A husband promises to love and to cherish his wife, but would he keep this promise if his wife was unfaithful? Not so with Christ, who, like Hosea, kept his promise, even to an adulterous Bride: he “loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

  • Sacrament and Other Things “Catholic”

    “A Glossary of Terms Used in Reformed Churches Frequently Thought to be Catholic.”
    People from mainstream evangelical churches who visit Reformed churches usually come away with the feeling that they had been to a Roman Catholic Mass or something similar. For example, when they hear us mention sacrament, they imagine a priest conducting Holy Communion. And in the Apostles’ Creed, why do we “believe in the holy catholic church”?

  • Calvinism Changing the World

    Calvinism Changing the World

    Calvinism “offers a rock-steady deity who orchestrates absolutely everything, including illness (or home foreclosure!), by a logic we may not understand but don’t have to second-guess” and that “our satisfaction—and our purpose—is fulfilled simply by ‘glorifying’ him.”

  • Beeke Conference Outline Notes

    Beeke Conference Outline Notes

    “Apart from election, no one will be saved because we are all totally depraved. Election compels evangelism. Election leads to holiness. Rejecting particular redemption leads to a confusion among the Persons of the Trinity in the work of salvation.” — Dr. Joel R. Beeke

  • John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor

    John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor

    Dr. Robert Godfrey’s new book, John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor, will be released on April 30. Having listened to Dr. Godfrey’s expert knowledge of church history—coupled with his witty lecture and writing style, I expect another must read.

  • “Christ in hell is a ‘little wormy spirit,'” and other heresies

    “Christ in hell is a ‘little wormy spirit,'” and other heresies

    In hell, “[demons] tortured him beyond anything that anybody has ever conceived… [Christ’s] emaciated, poured out, little, wormy spirit is down in the bottom of that thing [hell].” – Kenneth Copeland. But if there is one who should be called “a little wormy spirit,” it is each one of us miserable sinners who does not deserve the devotion of our Savior’s and Sovereign’s sacred head.

  • The King Comes Riding to His People

    The King Comes Riding to His People

    Two thousand years ago, Jesus entered Jerusalem in humility and peace. The Jews acknowledged him as “the King who comes in the name of the Lord” with shouts of joy and acclamation. But when he returns, he will come as the exalted and victorious Warrior who will exact complete vengeance on his enemies as the “King of kings and Lord of lords.”