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Calvin 500 Symposium Thoughts

October 15, 2009

"It is incredible...that there were any people who spoke, [even] by the influence of the Spirit, in a language they did not know themselves! For the gift of tongues was not bestowed merely for the purpose of making a noise, but rather for the purpose of communication, of course!" - Calvin

Beeke Conference Outline Notes

May 7, 2009

"Apart from election, no one will be saved because we are all totally depraved. Election compels evangelism. Election leads to holiness. Rejecting particular redemption leads to a confusion among the Persons of the Trinity in the work of salvation." -- Dr. Joel R. Beeke

Rev. Dr. Joel Beeke in “Reforming the Man of God” Manila Conference

February 23, 2009

More details in this post or in a downloadable brochure. Invite your friends in the Philippines!

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