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  • Why the Federal Vision Resurgence?

    Piper does not hold to any of the Reformed confessions or catechisms. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a Christian or that he doesn’t teach useful things. But it does mean that we shouldn’t be surprised when he teaches something outside the confessional standards.

  • Stop Calling This Week “Holy Week”

    He has particularly appointed one day in seven, for a Sabbath, to be kept holy unto him: which, from the beginning of the world to the resurrection of Christ, was the last day of the week (Westminster Confession of Faith 21:7).

  • Gnosticism 101

    “The new birth, especially if one judges by the testimonies of converts, is not so much the preaching of the Cross, but the preaching of ‘my personal relationship with Jesus,’ the day when ‘Jesus came into my heart.’”

  • Praying for Our Christian Brethren in Egypt

    Praying for Our Christian Brethren in Egypt

    Father, Thou who used Egypt as a place of refuge for Thy Son, Jesus, when Joseph led Mary and the little Christ-child there to escape a madman named Herod, grant the same refuge and peace to Thy people in Egypt this day. Deliver the Church in Egypt through the attacks of madmen.