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  • 6 Reasons Why the CNM (or INC) is Neither a Church Nor Christian

    CNM, a sub-Christian cult founded in 1914 by Felix Manalo, boasts of a few million members in the Philippines and in several other countries. It is mind-boggling how millions are deluded by its leaders. But this is not surprising, for many heretical cults have millions of followers around the world. See Apollo Quiboloy, Eli Soriano, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and many other televangelists.

  • Why “Visita Iglesia”?

    We are counted righteous by God not because of our own works of penance, but on account of Christ’s perfect righteousness all the way to his finished, once-for-all work on the cross to save his people from all their sins—past, present and future.

  • 7 Reasons Why a Megachurch Pastor Turned to Rome

    7 Reasons Why a Megachurch Pastor Turned to Rome

    Evangelicals have stooped so low in their sacramental life that it’s practically non-existent and if it exists, it’s sacrilegious. The evangelical “worship celebration” of entertainment, gimmicks and manipulation are no match for the high church rituals of the Mass.

  • After 359 Years, Rome Finally Got It

    After 359 Years, Rome Finally Got It

    The Galileo affair was not a controversy between science and the Bible, or faith versus reason. It was a controversy rooted in the huge difference between the Roman Catholic and Reformation principles of Biblical interpretation.

  • Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Bowing down, kneeling, and falling down before an idol are variations of the same thing: idolatry. They can do all kinds of spin, hocus-pocus, and gymnastics to distinguish “veneration” from “worship,” but this is idolatry, plain and simple.

  • Biblical Idolatry (Updated)

    Biblical Idolatry (Updated)

    Therefore, whether it be God or a creature that is imaged, the moment you fall prostrate before it in veneration, you are so far fascinated by superstition. For this reason, the Lord not only forbade the erection of statues to himself, but also the consecration of titles and stones which might be set up for adoration.