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  • Why the Federal Vision Resurgence?

    Piper does not hold to any of the Reformed confessions or catechisms. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a Christian or that he doesn’t teach useful things. But it does mean that we shouldn’t be surprised when he teaches something outside the confessional standards.

  • Are You a Frog in the Kettle?

    Soon they will realize either that their faith in Christ is being challenged and will therefore seek a true church or, like the frog in the kettle, they may remain as their profession of faith is increasingly confused, weakened, and perhaps even abandoned.

  • A Christian’s Personal “Voting Guide”

    “Like every other presidential election I can remember, my vote next time will probably be some form of a “lesser of evils” choice. It has been a long time since I voted for someone with great enthusiasm. But as Christian citizens, we must do our due diligence and weigh our vote carefully.” ~ 2007 “Voting Guide”