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  • Life is Fifteen Minutes of Vanity

    Life is Fifteen Minutes of Vanity

    The world is not in an endless, meaningless spin, but is swiftly moving to an end. Though “creation was subjected to futility,” or meaninglessness or vanity, it will be “set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.”

  • Mourning and Weeping for Our Children

    Mourning and Weeping for Our Children

    From out of the Pharaoh’s wicked scheme to destroy all Hebrew babies came Moses, the redeemer of Israel. Out of the remnant from Babylon, God brought Joseph and Mary to be the earthly parents of the Messiah. Out of Herod’s wicked plan came the baby Savior, the event Matthew described as, “out of Egypt I called my son.”

  • “Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

    “Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

    To thousands of new Jewish converts to Christianity, this was the meaning of believers-only baptism: as soon as they believed in Christ, their children, formerly members of God’s own treasured people, now have become unclean, detestable pagans, cut off from God’s covenant promises. And not one of them dared question the apostles; they just sheepishly accepted this horrific fact.

  • Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    A husband promises to love and to cherish his wife, but would he keep this promise if his wife was unfaithful? Not so with Christ, who, like Hosea, kept his promise, even to an adulterous Bride: he “loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

  • Jesus the Extreme Street Preacher

    Jesus the Extreme Street Preacher

    “Think positively, because I’m here to talk with you and walk with you along life’s narrow way. Give me all your tears of sadness and all your years of pain, and you’ll enter into life in my name. By being strong-willed, you will be able to overcome the obstacles of a long and winding, dry and hot desert road and arrive at your blessed assurance. Now you can testify that I’m alive because I live within your heart. Then, because I’m a loving and healing Bro, you can be happy and blest, praising your Savior all the day long.”

  • Why Obey the Voice of the Lord

    Why Obey the Voice of the Lord

    In many evangelical churches, pastors invite unbelievers to become Christians so that they may reap material blessings from God. Very few call on the congregation to listen to the voice of God and to seek after righteousness given by Christ.

  • “Brother, are you born again?”

    “Brother, are you born again?”

    For many, being born again means that they walked to the front, raised their hands, prayed the “sinner’s prayer,” signed a commitment card, or shed buckets of a sinner’s tears. But is this really how a person is “born again”?

  • The Unfruitful Vineyard in the Hands of an Angry God

    The Unfruitful Vineyard in the Hands of an Angry God

    Jesus told the Pharisees that God will evict the Jews, the old tenants, and bring in new tenants into the vineyard. The Jews perceived what Jesus meant: God will take the kingdom away from the Jews as his chosen people, and his new kingdom will now be expanded to include the Gentile nations.