Devangelized Evangelicals, Dechurched Church

Bible and praying handsThe latest White Horse Inn broadcast confirmed most of the observations I wrote in a previous post, “Brand-new Worship Innovation: P&W (Pacquiao & Worship).”

In that post, I wrote about several missionaries in the Philippines who posited Lord’s Day worship against salvation by faith in Christ. They argued that assembling for worship on the Lord’s Day is not a must for Christians or non-Christians. In other words, hearing the Word preached and partaking of the Lord’s Supper is less important than private devotions and “being the Gospel.” Moreover, making the gospel “relevant” and witnessing is better than going to a church building on Sundays.

In an informal survey of 70 Christians attending the 2010 International Christian Retail and Sales convention in St. Louis, Missouri, White Horse Inn found out that:

  • 92% agree that the church has nothing to do with salvation
  • 69% believe that one’s Christian testimony saves more than preaching the gospel
  • 89% disagree that preaching is important in saving unbelievers
  • 51% agree that personal devotions trump Lord’s Day worship
  • 54% disagree that spiritual disciplines and regular church attendance are essentials to becoming right with God
  • 59% would rather give the youth fun and games rather than the boring gospel

It’s hard to comprehend what’s happening to evangelicalism as you listen to the responses of those surveyed. The biggest concern today of true churches is not those who haven’t heard the gospel or the unchurched; rather, it is that majority of evangelicals have been devangelized and the Body of Christ—the church—has become dechurched.

To download the complete survey results (PDF), click here.

To listen to the White Horse Inn discussion, click here.

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