Evolution vs Creation Poll

Evolution vs Creation Poll

April 30, 2008 @

Since the Expelled movie is generating quite an interest in the Christian world, I started a poll on evolution vs creation in my blog. I’ve received a number of answers to my poll, but my mistake is that I did not clarify what I wanted, and that is, for people to click on the “Yes“, “No“, “Maybe“, or “Q/A needs clarification” (please tell why in the comment form below) button, and then click “Vote” in the right sidebar of the blog.

But some of you emailed back your comments, and here are some:

The way the question is phrased, I would say “no,” as creationists and evolutionists will never see eye to eye. However, if you are asking if the Genesis account can be reconciled with findings supporting evolution, then I would say “yes,” and that seems to be exactly what the Intelligent Design people are doing. – M. C.

It is clear God created the world. Evolution does not explain that and is an inferior theory. – P. K.

It depends on your definition of evolution! There is macro-evolution which is one species changing into another such as fish to reptile, & micro-evolution which is a change within a species, hence all of the different birds, dogs, cats, etc. I do not think the 1st is reconcilable with Biblical creationism but the 2nd is. By the way, I haven’t seen the movie, yet, but definitely want to! – C. O.

Absolutely not – I think only die hards and know nothings are clinging to evolution. – A. A.

I think my position deserves a little fuller explanation than yes, no, maybe. The Bible says 6 days and I accept that because that is what the Bible says and according to scholars a day is a day with no mutability. And as a scientifically bred person with a degree in engineering I firmly believe in evolution. So how do I reconcile the two? I don’t bother. I am more than content to find the true answer when I get to Heaven. (There is a 19th Century proposition—that found no favor anywhere—that went God created the universe in 6 days but created it as a going proposition that made it appear 15 billion years old).

And, as scientists would point out, there are 20 extinct elephant designs. Not much intelligence there. So I don’t know why God did what He/She did. But God did it anyway and it is up to us to make what sense of it as we can. – C. V.

Your comments are always welcome. I’ll summarize the comments and the poll results by the end of the week (if I get enough votes).

And by the way, you can read Professor Robert Strimple’s review of the movie. One thing I noticed is that people kept talking about Intelligent Design, but no explanation is made on what exactly it is. Maybe the producers assumed knowledge of the subject. Or perhaps just wanted to start an intelligent conversation on the subject.

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