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  • Defining the Two Kingdoms (Updated)

    Defining the Two Kingdoms (Updated)

    At stake in distinguishing the two kingdoms is the distinction between law and Gospel. Those who confuse civil righteousness with righteousness before God will be likely to confuse moral reform in society with the kingdom of God.

  • Who Predestines Whom?

    Who Predestines Whom?

    If everyone believes in predestination, why do we say Reformed Christians believe differently from others? The answer is this: Reformed Christians believe that God predestines. The non-Reformed believe that man predestines himself.

  • The Heretical Pelagian Origin of the Altar Call

    The Heretical Pelagian Origin of the Altar Call

    Ultimately, the modern “altar call,” venerated and almost universally practiced by evangelicals since the time of Finney, has its roots that date all the way back to the 5th century Pelagian heresy. And yet, if there was an Evangelical Hall of Fame, Charles G. Finney would take a prominent place there.