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  • What Calvinist Revival?

    What Calvinist Revival?

    Dr. Jones says that Calvin believed that “civic engagement is the main form of obedience to God”; and “Calvin did not read Scripture literally”; and often, Calvin “is misquoting it, and he makes up Scripture passages that don’t exist.” Never heard or read of THAT Calvin before.

  • Five Myths About Reformed Theology: Part 4

    Five Myths About Reformed Theology: Part 4

    Reformed piety includes the personal aspect, including private prayer and meditation on Scripture. Yet it emphasizes the importance of growing together: as covenant families in daily worship and instruction (catechism) and in the communion of saints gathering each Lord’s Day for the Word, the sacraments, and discipline.

  • Southern Baptists Affirm Doctrines of Grace…

    Southern Baptists Affirm Doctrines of Grace…

    Do these Southern Baptists know that what they are affirming is the Catholic prevenient grace, the view that God sends grace to all mankind that pries open the grip of sin on man ever so slightly that it is possible for them to cooperate with this grace and so believe the gospel?

  • Ten Myths About Calvinism

    Ten Myths About Calvinism

    How is it possible that irresistible, a term intended to besmirch and caricature the concept of a grace that eventually prevails over all opposition, has been taken up and championed by those it was meant to portray unfavorably?

  • Who Predestines Whom?

    Who Predestines Whom?

    If everyone believes in predestination, why do we say Reformed Christians believe differently from others? The answer is this: Reformed Christians believe that God predestines. The non-Reformed believe that man predestines himself.