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  • Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Bowing down, kneeling, and falling down before an idol are variations of the same thing: idolatry. They can do all kinds of spin, hocus-pocus, and gymnastics to distinguish “veneration” from “worship,” but this is idolatry, plain and simple.

  • Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    Transformed by Incomprehensible Love (Repost)

    A husband promises to love and to cherish his wife, but would he keep this promise if his wife was unfaithful? Not so with Christ, who, like Hosea, kept his promise, even to an adulterous Bride: he “loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

  • Biblical Idolatry (Updated)

    Biblical Idolatry (Updated)

    Therefore, whether it be God or a creature that is imaged, the moment you fall prostrate before it in veneration, you are so far fascinated by superstition. For this reason, the Lord not only forbade the erection of statues to himself, but also the consecration of titles and stones which might be set up for adoration.

  • The Unfruitful Vineyard in the Hands of an Angry God

    The Unfruitful Vineyard in the Hands of an Angry God

    Jesus told the Pharisees that God will evict the Jews, the old tenants, and bring in new tenants into the vineyard. The Jews perceived what Jesus meant: God will take the kingdom away from the Jews as his chosen people, and his new kingdom will now be expanded to include the Gentile nations.

  • Who Predestines Whom?

    Who Predestines Whom?

    If everyone believes in predestination, why do we say Reformed Christians believe differently from others? The answer is this: Reformed Christians believe that God predestines. The non-Reformed believe that man predestines himself.

  • Mount Nebo: Disappointment, then Hope

    Mount Nebo: Disappointment, then Hope

    God instructed Moses to go to a mountain where he will show him the extent and the beauty of the Promised Land he is giving to Israel before he died. But beyond this disappointment, God also assured Moses that Israel, after he died, will be ably led by Joshua, a Spirit-filled man, in their conquest of the Promised Land.