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  • The Order for Morning Fellowship

    The Order for Morning Fellowship

    The Cacophony: Here, many loud prayers, in English and other prayer languages, shall be offered simultaneously. And after these, followeth a long pastoral prayer, the people devoutly sitting. The Minister shall begin with “O Lord, we just really praise you,” and continue with selected prayer requests, as many as he can recall from memory, for no less than ten and no more than twenty minutes, being sure to avoid such vain repetition as the Lord’s Prayer.

  • A Big Post-Conference Question

    A Big Post-Conference Question

    The Conference on Theology in Manila featuring Dr. Michael Horton enlightened many Filipino believers on what exactly are these Reformed “doctrines of grace,” and how these are different from evangelicalism’s doctrine of salvation.

  • Will the Real Temple Please Stand?

    The New Testament says that Christ, the Church, and every believer fulfill the Old Testament temple today.
    The temple was a part of the Old Covenant and is obsolete. There is no temple in heaven; therefore, there is no temple in the age to come.