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  • “Why the Early Church Finally Rejected Premillennialism”

    These early [church] critics believed that chiliasm [premillennialism] represented an approach to biblical religion that was sub-Christian, essentially failing to reckon with the full redemptive implications of the coming of Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah. They saw it as an under-realized, a not-fully-Christian, eschatology.

  • “Infant Baptism in Early Church History”

    “Infant Baptism in Early Church History”

    Not until the 1520s did the Christian Church experience opposition specifically to infant Baptism. Under the influence of Thomas Muenzer and other fanatics who opposed both civil and religious authority, original sin and human concupiscence was denied until the “age of accountability.”

  • A Holiday for Every Religion and Cult

    A Holiday for Every Religion and Cult

    Today, President Arroyo declared September 7 as a national day of mourning for the late Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) leader Bro. Eraño Manalo. All flags will be flown at half mast on Monday. The INC rejects the Trinity and like the 4th century Arians, believes that Jesus is only a created being (as do the Jehovah’s Witnesses).

  • Six More Bibles for Idiots (Updated)

    Six More Bibles for Idiots (Updated)

    Desmond Tutu writes in the foreword, “It is possible to have a new kind of world, a world where there will be more compassion, more gentleness, more caring, more laughter, more joy for all of God’s creation, because that is God’s dream. And God says, ‘Help me, help me, help me realize my dream.'”