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  • Ten Myths About Calvinism

    Ten Myths About Calvinism

    How is it possible that irresistible, a term intended to besmirch and caricature the concept of a grace that eventually prevails over all opposition, has been taken up and championed by those it was meant to portray unfavorably?

  • Who Predestines Whom?

    Who Predestines Whom?

    If everyone believes in predestination, why do we say Reformed Christians believe differently from others? The answer is this: Reformed Christians believe that God predestines. The non-Reformed believe that man predestines himself.

  • A Big Post-Conference Question

    A Big Post-Conference Question

    The Conference on Theology in Manila featuring Dr. Michael Horton enlightened many Filipino believers on what exactly are these Reformed “doctrines of grace,” and how these are different from evangelicalism’s doctrine of salvation.