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  • Gnosticism 101

    “The new birth, especially if one judges by the testimonies of converts, is not so much the preaching of the Cross, but the preaching of ‘my personal relationship with Jesus,’ the day when ‘Jesus came into my heart.’”

  • Dichotomy, Trichotomy, or Polychotomy?

    Dichotomy, Trichotomy, or Polychotomy?

    the pagan Gnostic impulse of evangelicalism—”a quest for secret knowledge apart from the text of Scripture (gnosis), a disparaging of matter, including an aversion to things physical and intellectual”—finds an effective beachhead in many evangelicals today through this tripartite view.

  • Christless Christianity – a Smorgasbord

    Christless Christianity – a Smorgasbord

    Many people are now “their own theologian-in-residence,” and embrace an “unpredictable and contradictory body of beliefs,” mixing eclectic and syncretistic Christian and non-Christian views. Feelings and emotions are now king, while preaching and Bible study are disliked, resulting in even more Biblical illiteracy.