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  • Will Moses and Elijah Come Back?

    Will Moses and Elijah Come Back?

    Who are these two witnesses with supernatural powers, who are resurrected and ascend into heaven after they are killed? Who are their enemies who want to kill them? Are they past, present, or future personalities?

  • WWJ. . .

    WWJ. . .

    Who said this?: “Musical instruments in celebrating the praises of God would be no more suitable than the burning of incense, the lighting of lamps, and the restoration of the other shadows of the law.”

  • Calvin 500 Symposium Thoughts

    Calvin 500 Symposium Thoughts

    “It is incredible…that there were any people who spoke, [even] by the influence of the Spirit, in a language they did not know themselves! For the gift of tongues was not bestowed merely for the purpose of making a noise, but rather for the purpose of communication, of course!” – Calvin

  • God with His People in the Cloud and Trumpets

    God with His People in the Cloud and Trumpets

    The loud trumpet sound will be the universal call to the elect—from all nations and all ages, living or in their graves—to gather to the Glory-Cloud of Christ. This is the final Feast of Trumpets and Feast of Ingathering, when the harvest is full and the time has come to separate the wheat from the weeds, the good fish from the bad, the sheep from the goats.

  • How Pilgrims Persevere in Suffering

    How Pilgrims Persevere in Suffering

    In 1 Peter 4:12-19, the apostle reminds us that as pilgrims in this fallen world, we are not to be surprised, we are not to be ashamed, and we are not to doubt God’s faithfulness when sufferings come. This was how believers throughout history endured unimaginable sufferings.

  • Rock Bands as Holy Spirit

    Rock Bands as Holy Spirit

    Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, recently weighed in again, this time with a profound thought that “Beatles songs are as likely to explain Christianity as the Bible.” Essentially equating rock bands with the Holy Spirit, he says, “They [rock music] are able to open our imagination to a way of thinking about God that we’ve become deaf to in church language.”

  • What 1 Corinthians 10:2 means

    What 1 Corinthians 10:2 means

    Paul, therefore, is saying that as Israel crossed the sea, they were united into Moses, who had authority over them from God and who led them in their escape from Egypt and in the crossing of the sea. Continuing with his commentary on the Exodus narrative, Paul points out that Israel partook of the one spiritual food and drink which God gave them through their “baptism” into Moses.