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  • A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

    A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

    “It is so full of misunderstandings and theological bloopers that one does not know where to begin … I don’t, however, expect a Lutheran pastor to reject this teaching or to misunderstand it in such a spectacular way. In what sense, I wonder, can he still consider himself a Lutheran?” ~ Gene Veith, on Dan Denzell’s un-Lutheran views

  • The Death of Christ and the Eternal Covenant

    The Death of Christ and the Eternal Covenant

    The first time I talked to a Christian friend about the doctrine of “limited” atonement, the reaction was immediate shock and indignation: “That’s so wrong!” “That can’t be true!” Out of the notable “five points of Calvinism,” two usually generate heated conversations: “unconditional election” and “limited atonement.” Both doctrines evoke images of a whimsical divine puppetmaster who amuses himself by toying with his created beings.