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A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

January 26, 2013
A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

"It is so full of misunderstandings and theological bloopers that one does not know where to begin ... I don’t, however, expect a Lutheran pastor to reject this teaching or to misunderstand it in such a spectacular way. In what sense, I wonder, can he still consider himself a Lutheran?" ~ Gene Veith, on Dan Denzell's un-Lutheran views

Pop Evangelism’s Misuse of Scripture–Part 2

March 8, 2010
Pop Evangelism’s Misuse of Scripture–Part 2

So Christ was sent into "the world" in order to save "everyone who believes," not to merely make salvation possible to everyone.

The Death of Christ and the Eternal Covenant

March 21, 2008

The first time I talked to a Christian friend about the doctrine of "limited" atonement, the reaction was immediate shock and indignation: "That's so wrong!" "That can't be true!" Out of the notable "five points of Calvinism," two usually generate heated conversations: "unconditional election" and "limited atonement." Both doctrines evoke images of a whimsical divine puppetmaster who amuses himself by toying with his created beings.

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