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  • “Reforming Worship” by Michael Horton

    So too, today, churches are now like shopping malls. And the smaller, more traditional churches that can’t afford the lights, cameras and action watch their congregations run off to the biggest, latest mall that’s just been built on the outskirts of town. The problem is, you can see a mall that was built just a decade ago and it’s already out-of-fashion. Its shops are closing one by one because the consumers have now moved over to the latest megamall.

  • Five Myths About Reformed Theology: Part 4

    Five Myths About Reformed Theology: Part 4

    Reformed piety includes the personal aspect, including private prayer and meditation on Scripture. Yet it emphasizes the importance of growing together: as covenant families in daily worship and instruction (catechism) and in the communion of saints gathering each Lord’s Day for the Word, the sacraments, and discipline.

  • The Filipino Christian Voter’s Guide

    The Filipino Christian Voter’s Guide

    “Once we recognize that there is no everlasting rest from violence, oppression, injustice, and immorality through our own political or cultural works, we are free to pursue their amelioration with vigorous gratitude to God for his saving grace in Jesus Christ.”–Michael Horton

  • A Big Post-Conference Question

    A Big Post-Conference Question

    The Conference on Theology in Manila featuring Dr. Michael Horton enlightened many Filipino believers on what exactly are these Reformed “doctrines of grace,” and how these are different from evangelicalism’s doctrine of salvation.

  • White Horse Inn in the Philippines!

    White Horse Inn in the Philippines!

    A dream come true. This is what many Filipino Christians have waited for a long time after they have come to love the White Horse Inn online podcasts, knowing that many of their brethren in the provinces don’t have the luxury of the Internet.