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Pacquiao: New-Found Faith or Gullible Victim?

June 25, 2012
Pacquiao: New-Found Faith or Gullible Victim?

After his loss, what did Pacquiao hear from these shameless hucksters? I'm almost sure that not a few of them told him he lacks faith, and he needs to "give more to the Lord," so the windows of heaven will pour down more blessings on him.

“Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

April 11, 2012
“Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

the New Testament knows nothing of multi-site congregations, but only of congregations in the fullest sense (led by pastors, elders, and deacons). These congregations are not independent, but they are also not hierarchically governed even by one pastor on-site, but by pastors and elders together. And each of these local churches is accountable not hierarchically to the pastor-bishop of another church, but mutually and covenantally to each other.

Why Does Your Pastor Monopolize Your Worship Service?

February 25, 2012
Why Does Your Pastor Monopolize Your Worship Service?

Why does our pastor monopolize our worship service? He does and he doesn’t. He leads the whole service, but this does not mean he monopolizes the service. In fact, our service is profoundly more participatory than the run-of-the-mill evangelical service.

Is it Biblical for a lifeguard to perform a baptism?

May 11, 2010
Is it Biblical for a lifeguard to perform a baptism?

In the secular world, accountants, auto mechanics, doctors, engineers, electricians, lawyers, plumbers, train operators, etc., can only practice their profession if they have a license. But if evangelicals would not trust a doctor to build their houses or an auto mechanic to do a root canal, why do they put a biblically-illiterate Tommy Lee in charge of their souls?

A Tale of Two Presbyterian Churches

June 26, 2009

Divergent is the word when comparing the Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA) and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Consider these recent news...

Reformed Essentials Booklet

May 16, 2009

While preparing for a book table at the recently-concluded Manila Conference on Theology, I thought it would be useful to introduce others to the Reformed faith through a booklet that has essays on Reformed basics.

Rev. Dr. Joel Beeke in “Reforming the Man of God” Manila Conference

February 23, 2009

More details in this post or in a downloadable brochure. Invite your friends in the Philippines!

Christianity and Politics

October 4, 2008

As the McCain-Obama and Palin-Biden debates are still in our minds, there are a couple of White Horse Inn broadcasts that might be of benefit to Christians in thinking about the coming elections.

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