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  • “Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

    “Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

    the New Testament knows nothing of multi-site congregations, but only of congregations in the fullest sense (led by pastors, elders, and deacons). These congregations are not independent, but they are also not hierarchically governed even by one pastor on-site, but by pastors and elders together. And each of these local churches is accountable not hierarchically to the pastor-bishop of another church, but mutually and covenantally to each other.

  • A Big Post-Conference Question

    A Big Post-Conference Question

    The Conference on Theology in Manila featuring Dr. Michael Horton enlightened many Filipino believers on what exactly are these Reformed “doctrines of grace,” and how these are different from evangelicalism’s doctrine of salvation.

  • A Happy New Year of Bible Reading! (Updated)

    For those into a New Year’s resolution of reading through the Bible in 2010, here’s a useful article comparing different plans available online. UPDATE: You can download the podcast and listen while stuck in rush hour traffic. The daily reading is only about as long as 4-5 songs on your iPod.

  • Online Psalter Hymnal

    Online Psalter Hymnal

    Are you tired of singing mindless repetitive ditties? Do you want to fill your minds and hearts with the beauty of the Psalms and other Scriptures? Learn how to sing the Psalter by singing along with the lyrics and tunes.

  • Calvin 500 Symposium Thoughts

    Calvin 500 Symposium Thoughts

    “It is incredible…that there were any people who spoke, [even] by the influence of the Spirit, in a language they did not know themselves! For the gift of tongues was not bestowed merely for the purpose of making a noise, but rather for the purpose of communication, of course!” – Calvin