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  • A Puritan Library Wish List

    A Puritan Library Wish List

    “Doctrinally, Puritanism was a kind of vigorous Calvinism; experientially, it was warm and contagious; evangelistically, it was aggressive, yet tender; ecclesiastically, it was theocentric and worshipful; politically, it aimed to be scriptural, balanced, and bound by conscience before God in the relationships of king, Parliament, and subjects; culturally, it had lasting impact throughout succeeding generations and centuries until today.”

  • “Always Reforming”: Always Re-forming?

    “Always Reforming”: Always Re-forming?

    “When we invoke the whole phrase — “the church Reformed and always being reformed according to the Word of God” — we confess that we belong to the church and not simply to ourselves and that this church is always created and renewed by the Word of God rather than by the spirit of the age.”

  • Life is Fifteen Minutes of Vanity

    Life is Fifteen Minutes of Vanity

    The world is not in an endless, meaningless spin, but is swiftly moving to an end. Though “creation was subjected to futility,” or meaninglessness or vanity, it will be “set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.”

  • A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

    A Dysfunctional “Lutheran” Pastor

    “It is so full of misunderstandings and theological bloopers that one does not know where to begin … I don’t, however, expect a Lutheran pastor to reject this teaching or to misunderstand it in such a spectacular way. In what sense, I wonder, can he still consider himself a Lutheran?” ~ Gene Veith, on Dan Denzell’s un-Lutheran views

  • Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Idolatry By Any Other Name Would Be …

    Bowing down, kneeling, and falling down before an idol are variations of the same thing: idolatry. They can do all kinds of spin, hocus-pocus, and gymnastics to distinguish “veneration” from “worship,” but this is idolatry, plain and simple.

  • Southern Baptists Affirm Doctrines of Grace…

    Southern Baptists Affirm Doctrines of Grace…

    Do these Southern Baptists know that what they are affirming is the Catholic prevenient grace, the view that God sends grace to all mankind that pries open the grip of sin on man ever so slightly that it is possible for them to cooperate with this grace and so believe the gospel?

  • “Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

    “Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

    To thousands of new Jewish converts to Christianity, this was the meaning of believers-only baptism: as soon as they believed in Christ, their children, formerly members of God’s own treasured people, now have become unclean, detestable pagans, cut off from God’s covenant promises. And not one of them dared question the apostles; they just sheepishly accepted this horrific fact.

  • “Why Study Theology?”

    “Why Study Theology?”

    “I don’t get into that theology stuff. I let my pastor handle all that because he went to seminary.” If you trust in your pastor’s faith, what happens if your pastor runs off with the church secretary? If you leave theology to the so-called experts, how will you know if your church begins to teach false doctrine?

  • “There Is No Male And Female”

    “There Is No Male And Female”

    One noted pastor has said that God gave Christianity a “masculine feel.” Another contrasted “latte-sipping Cabriolet drivers” with “real men.” Jesus and his buddies were “dudes: heterosexual, win-a-fight, punch-you-in-the-nose dudes.” Real Christian men like Jesus and Paul “are aggressive, assertive, and nonverbal.”