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Is Jesus the Carpenter Building Mansions in Heaven?

February 25, 2015
Is Jesus the Carpenter Building Mansions in Heaven?

In using these words related to "dwelling-place" and "tabernacle," John alludes back to redemptive history in the Old Testament.

Starting and Ending Our Pilgrimage with God

June 26, 2009

When we are fully obedient to God’s word in our pilgrimage, and when we invite others to join us, God promised to bring us together to our Promised Land, a place that will be for us a "resting place" (Numbers 10:11-36).

God with His People in the Cloud and Trumpets

June 17, 2009

The loud trumpet sound will be the universal call to the elect—from all nations and all ages, living or in their graves—to gather to the Glory-Cloud of Christ. This is the final Feast of Trumpets and Feast of Ingathering, when the harvest is full and the time has come to separate the wheat from the weeds, the good fish from the bad, the sheep from the goats.

“Nuke Iran!” – John Hagee and Evangelical Zionists

March 19, 2008
“Nuke Iran!” – John Hagee and Evangelical Zionists

For a printer-friendly PDF copy, click here. I’m re-posting this article from October 26, 2007 1:30 pm. Warning: I wrote this post to provoke readers to reassess well-entrenched, preconceived ideas about Israel, the Church, and the Second Coming. Be a patient reader, ponder the Scriptures, and those ideas will be shaken! “We want you to […]

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