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Why Does Your Pastor Monopolize Your Worship Service?

February 25, 2012
Why Does Your Pastor Monopolize Your Worship Service?

Why does our pastor monopolize our worship service? He does and he doesn’t. He leads the whole service, but this does not mean he monopolizes the service. In fact, our service is profoundly more participatory than the run-of-the-mill evangelical service.

Obama’s Peace Plan: Daniel’s 70th Week?

May 21, 2009
Obama’s Peace Plan: Daniel’s 70th Week?

A rapture fan(atic) speculates that if President Obama's peace timetable is set at 7 years, we might as well flee to the mountains and wait for the Rapture, because he is surely the Antichrist who signs the 7-year peace treaty with Israel.

Tagalog-English Westminster Confession

May 12, 2009

Today, I picked up from the printer 100 copies of the Westminster Confession of Faith Tagalog-English Diglot Version. Anyone interested in getting a copy may write a comment here or email me at dvopilgrimatgmaildotcom. The cost is 120 pesos, and the proceeds will be used to print more copies.

Christless Christianity

October 3, 2008

Churches are transforming the Faith into a form of consumerism, marketing, pragmatism, politics, entertainment and therapy. Christless Christianity reveals the big problem with American religion: countless sermons in churches across the country are focusing on moralistic concerns and personal transformation rather than Jesus Christ crucified and risen again.

“Pastor, what does baptizo mean in 1 Cor 10:2?”

August 28, 2008

After a two-year "self-review process" in which it solicited questions and concerns about the examination, the Presbyteries' Cooperative Committee on Examinations (PCCEC) has junked a couple of exegetical examination requirements: (1) a working knowledge of Biblical Greek and Hebrew; and (2) understanding the "principal meaning" of the assigned examination text.

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