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  • “Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

    “Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil”

    the New Testament knows nothing of multi-site congregations, but only of congregations in the fullest sense (led by pastors, elders, and deacons). These congregations are not independent, but they are also not hierarchically governed even by one pastor on-site, but by pastors and elders together. And each of these local churches is accountable not hierarchically to the pastor-bishop of another church, but mutually and covenantally to each other.

  • White Horse Inn in the Philippines!

    White Horse Inn in the Philippines!

    A dream come true. This is what many Filipino Christians have waited for a long time after they have come to love the White Horse Inn online podcasts, knowing that many of their brethren in the provinces don’t have the luxury of the Internet.

  • Reformation Philippines

    Reformation Philippines

    I’m pleased to announce a new website called “Reformation Philippines” at this address:

    This is an offshoot of our desire to set up a new website for the coming 2010 Conference on Theology.

  • The Perils of Contextualization

    The Perils of Contextualization

    “As a result, many American pastors, missionaries, and evangelists today may know more about their target market than they do about the ‘one Lord, one faith, and one baptism’ that they share with the prophets and the apostles, the church fathers and reformers, or their brothers and sisters in China, Malawi, and Russia.” – Dr. Michael Horton, Modern Reformation Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009.