Who Predestines Whom?

If a potter made a piece of pottery for a museum and another one for use as a trash can, would the latter pottery have the right to accuse the potter, “Why did you make me like this?”

In our study of Romans 8:29-30, my emphasis was—obviously—-predestination. I asked the congregation, “Did you know that all evangelicals believe in predestination?” So if everyone believes in predestination, why do we say Reformed Christians believe differently from others?

The answer is this: Reformed Christians believe that God predestines. The non-Reformed believe that man predestines himself. This is not a trick statement. It is reality. Before I get accused of being judgmental, let me explain.

Raised in an evangelical church, I was taught that before the creation of the world, God looked through the corridor of time and saw all those who would accept Christ by their own free will. With this “foreknowledge,” God predestined them for salvation. Without man’s “free will decision,” God would not choose him. So who predestines whom? According to this teaching, man predestines himself.

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