Reformed Pinoy Rules and Membership

Please take the time to review this document. It governs initial membership requirements, rules for continued membership, and group etiquette.1

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Requirements for Membership

1. Church Membership Required. The group requires an applicant to be a member in good standing of a local church. If you are merely a regular attendee of a church without formal membership, please state so in your biography, so the Admins may consider a waiver.

2. Confessional Requirements:

a. Historic Creeds: To ascertain that all members of this group are orthodox Trinitarians, all applicants must affirm the ancient ecumenical creeds of the church: The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed, The Athanasian Creed, and the Definitions of Chalcedon.

b. Confessional Requirements: The Admins of this group hold to one or more of the following Reformed confessions: the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards. We do not hold these confessions and catechisms as the Word of God, but we consider them as faithful summaries of the clear teaching of the Bible and they thus allow mutual, like-minded fellowship and discussion. Those who seek to modify, depart from, change or disprove the doctrines found in these confessions will bear the burden of proof to support their claim. Simply stating that a confessional doctrine is “unbiblical” without any grounds is disruptive and unacceptable, and repeated violations of this rule may result in suspension or exclusion from the group.

So the Admins may approve an applicant who does not fully adhere to any of these confessions, but are sincerely desiring to learn, and perhaps travel down the path to Reformed doctrine, worship and life. This has included people from different evangelical backgrounds in the process of being Reformed.

Therefore, new applicants must state clearly the confession they subscribe to, if any, and where they take exceptions, if any. If they do not subscribe to one of the prerequisite confessions, they should provide sufficient information to the Admins to determine their suitability for membership. If a non-confessional applicant is admitted to membership, his/her participation in the group will be limited to asking questions or posting comments for his own edification.

3. Federal Vision. The Reformed Pinoy forbids the membership of “Federal Vision” proponents on this group. Every major Reformed body has ruled the Federal Vision to be an error that fundamentally re-casts doctrines that are core to the Christian religion. Members who favor or advocate this FV error violate this rule and will be suspended or excluded.

4. Age Requirement. One must be 16 years of age or older to participate, as some topics might be of an adult nature. This is not to say we look down on youth (1 Tim 4:12), but we want to err on the side of caution in this regard and we see it as a protective measure.

5. User Profile Requirements. On the registration page, you will find several sections that MUST be filled out accurately.

a. Accurate profile information is required: Include your first and last name; your location; your church name, address and phone number, and pastor’s name; denominational affiliation; church office held, if any; frequency of church attendance; and favorite theologian. Inaccurate information in this area may cause your application to be rejected or account suspended.

b. Biography: In this section you MUST place a brief biography on your walk with Christ and confessional subscription, if any. In short, explain why you believe you are a Christian. This does not need to be your life story, but it should include enough information to allow the Administrators to make a registration determination. Relevant material would be a short family information, church activities, and anything else that you believe would be helpful to your application. Again, make it brief and to the point.

Forum Rules and Etiquette

All Christian believers still have remnants of sin that need to be put to death (Romans 8:13). To be sure, Calvin, Luther and other Reformers used harsh language at times against their detractors. But it is also probably true that your Internet post about a particular subject does not carry the same weight and wisdom as Luther’s Bondage of the Will or Calvin’s Institutes.

So the following rules are written to ensure that the members’ posts and comments are made in a spirit of Christian maturity and to serve as a hedge against problems in this group.

1. Post Your Subject with a Descriptive Title

It would be most beneficial to the group if the post started with a subject, for example, “SUBJECT: Belief in the Hypostatic Union is a Pre-requisite for Orthodoxy.”

2. Use Proper Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization

Since this is a group consisting mostly of Filipinos, you may comment in Filipino. However, if at all possible, use English. If English is your second language, then you are to show other group members the courtesy of proper punctuation and capitalization. Grammatical mistakes are unavoidable, but improper use of English does not demonstrate consideration toward others who are trying to understand what you are saying. And please, no SMS text language!

3. Remember that This is a Reformed Discussion Group.

a. The group believes that God is a God of decency and order. The Admins follow Reformed principles and convictions, and we openly espouse the Reformed confessions as the ground of our discussion. Non-Reformed and non-confessional members must remember that posting questions or comments will be answered by many, including the Admins, from a Reformed viewpoint, taking care that the supreme judge of all controversies is the Holy Spirit speaking through the Holy Scriptures (Westminster Confession I:10).

b. Since this is a Reformed discussion group, all confessional Reformed members are encouraged to post or comment on Reformed subjects for the edification of their non-Reformed brethren. Those who are not Reformed are then encouraged to ask questions or comment appropriately.

4. Posting Information from Other Web Sites

a. Quotes from other Internet sites, in the public domain, must include a link to the original site with citations. Copying from others without quotes and citation is plagiarism.

b. No copyrighted material may be posted without the consent of the original author/site. Some sites are more liberal in what they allow to be quoted. Check the rules of the site quoted before assuming you have the author’s or site’s permission.

c. Because the Admins adhere to the Reformed Regulative Principle of Worship, we discourage posting of songs, sermons or lectures from non-Reformed, non-confessional sources, especially if they teach non-Reformed doctrines, or are not appropriate for the public worship of God.

d. The Reformed Pinoy strictly prohibits the practice of “group wars” and references to specific forums or blogs to post disparaging comments regarding the site or responding to disparaging comments about this site.

e. Gossip, hearsay, and inappropriate jokes are prohibited. This includes repeating unsubstantiated allegations that abound on the Internet.

5. Banning

Generally the Admins try to be tolerant of postings, issuing warnings, but repeated violations of group rules, behavior unbecoming a Christian and/or espousing heresy (such as the Federal Vision, Roman Catholicism or Modalism), will result in banning. The banning of members is at the discretion of the Admins. Because the Reformed Pinoy is not a local church there is no Session, Consistory or any other forum to address issues.

Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions not addressed in the forum rules or problems with the group, please contact one of the Administrators via Private Messaging.

May God bless you for your zeal for knowledge,

The Admins

1 These Rules were largely based on the Rules, with permission.

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