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Author Last Name Author First Name Call No. Title
Gaebelein Frank E. BS1560 .G1 v.7 1985 Daniel and the Minor Prophets (Volume 7, Expositor’s)
Gale Stanley D. BV4509.5 .G34 2008 What Is Spiritual Warfare?
Ganz Nancy E. BS1245.55 .G36 2002 Herein Is Love, Vol. 2: Exodus
Ganz Nancy E. BS1255.55 .G36 2002 Herein Is Love, Vol. 3: Leviticus
Ganz Richard L. BV4012 .G36 1993 PsychoBabble (Modern Psychology)
Ganz Richard L. BS2675.52 .G36 2003 c1 Twenty Controversies That Almost Killed a Church (Corinthians)
Ganz Richard L. BS2675.52 .G36 2003 c2 Twenty Controversies That Almost Killed a Church (Corinthians)
Gleason Ron HV8694 .G54 2008 The Death Penalty On Trial
Godfrey W. Robert BS651 .G752 2003 God’s Pattern for Creation
Godfrey W. Robert BX9418 .G585 2009 John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor
Godfrey W. Robert BR315 .G63 2003 Reformation Sketches: Luther, Calvin, and the Confessions
Goldingay John BS1430.53 .G65 2006 v.1 Psalms, Volume 1: Psalms 1-41 (Baker)
Goldingay John BS1430.53 .G65 2006 v.2 Psalms, Volume 2: Psalms 42-89 (Baker)
Goldingay John BS1430.53 .G65 2006 v.3 Psalms, Volume 3: Psalms 90-150 (Baker)
Goldsworthy Graeme BS543 .G65 2002 According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God
Goodwin, et. al. Thomas BV210 .P356 1998 What Happens When I Pray
Girod Gordon H. BX9527.G5 G6 God Is Not Dead
Greenway Roger S. BV2063 .G74 1999 Go and Make Disciples! (Missions)
Greenway Roger S. BV660.2 .P265 1986 The Pastor-Evangelist
Greidanus Sidney BS534.5 .G74 1988 The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text
Gregory John Milton LB1025 .G74 1995 The Seven Laws of Teaching
Gundry Stanley N. BT891 .B55 1999 Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond
Gundry, ed. Stanley N. BT891 .B55 1999 Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond
Habig, et. al. Brian BV600.3 .H335 2001 The Enduring Community
Hagopian David G. BS651 .G464 2000 The Genesis Debate (Creation)
Hall Doug BV4517 .H34 1992 Cartoon Reflections: Church Humor
Halley Henry Hampton BS417 .B48 Halley’s Bible Handbook.
Hamersma John E. M2193.H2 H9 Hymns for Youth.
Hanegraaff Hank BR1643.5 .H36 1993 Christianity in Crisis
Hanegraaff Hank BT872 .H36 2000 Resurrection: The Capstone In The Arch Of Christianity
Hanegraaff Hank BR115.Y43 H36 1999 The Millennium Bug Debugged
Hannah John D. BT180.G6 H358 2008 How Do We Glorify God?
Harding Susan BS2616 .H37 1996 Tell Me about God (Doctrine of God for Children)
Harris R. Laird BS511.3 .E97 2007 Exploring the Bible: A Guide to the Old and New Testaments
Harrison R. K. BS1140.2 .H378 2004 Introduction to the Old Testament
Hart, et. al. D. G. BX9427 .H37 2002 With Reverence and Awe (Reformed Worship)
Hart, gen. ed. D. G. BX8909 .D53 2005 Dictionary Of The Presbyterian & Reformed
Hartley John E. BS1255.3 .H37 1992 Leviticus (Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 4)
Haywood John G1021 .H1 2002 Historical Atlas of the 19th Century World 1783 – 1914
Helm Paul BT135 .H35 1994 The Providence of God
Hendricks Howard LB1025 .H1 1996 Teaching to Change Lives
Hendriksen William BS2825 .H458 2001 More Than Conquerors (Book of Revelation)
Henry, et. al. Matthew BV209 .H46 1994 Method For Prayer
Hess Richard S. BS1295.53 .H47 2008 Joshua (Tyndale)
Hillerbrand Hans Joachim BR301 .H64 1968 The Protestant Reformation
Hillers Delbert R. BS1535.3 .H55 1972 Lamentations (Anchor, Volume 7A)
Hodge Charles BV4531 .H55 1977 The Way of Life (Christian Belief and Practice)
Holford George Peter DS122.8 .H7 1807 The Destruction of Jerusalem
Horton Michael S. BV15 .H68 2002 A Better Way (Worship)
Horton Michael S. BT75.3 .H67 2011 Christian Faith, The: A Systematic Theology
Horton Michael S. BR1642.U5 H674 2008 Christless Christianity
Horton Michael S. BT102 .H65 1996 In the Face of God
Horton Michael S. BT155 .H75 2009 Introducing Covenant Theology
Horton Michael S. BT751.3 .H68 2002 Putting Amazing Back into Grace
Horton Michael S. BT993.2 .H67 1998 We Believe (Apostles’ Creed)
Horton Michael S. BR115.C8 H68 2002 Where in the World Is the Church?
Houghton, et. al. S. M. BR150 .H68 Sketches from Church History
House H. Wayne BT77.3 .H68 1992 Charts of Christian Theology & Doctrine
House H. Wayne BS2310 .H68 Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament
Hughes R. Kent BS1235.53 H84 2004 Genesis: Beginning and Blessing
Hustad, ed. Donald P. M2130 .H1 1991 Worshipping Church: A Hymnal, The
Hustedt Dennis D. BX9183 .H1 2001 Firm in the Faith: Leaders Guide
Hustedt Dennis D. BX9183 .H2 2001 Firm in the Faith: Student’s Book
Hyde Daniel R. BS680.T32 H94 2012 God in Our Midst
Hyde Daniel R. BV813 .H 2006 c1 Jesus Loves the Little Children (Infant Baptism)
Hyde Daniel R. BV813 .H 2006 c2 Jesus Loves the Little Children (Infant Baptism)
Hyde Daniel R. BX9429.B4 H934 2007 The Good Confession
Hyde Daniel R. BX9422.3 .H948 2010 c1 Welcome to a Reformed Church
Hyde Daniel R. BX9427 .H944 2007 What to Expect in Reformed Worship


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