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Author Last Name Author First Name Call No. Title
Packer J. I. BV3793 .P3 1967 Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
Packer J. I. BT993.2 .P33 1977 I Want to be a Christian
Packer J. I. BT265.3 .P33 2008 In My Place Condemned He Stood
Packer J. I. BT102 .P26 1998 Knowing God
Packer J. I. BT102 .P26 1998 Knowing God
Packer J. I. BT102 .P262 1975 Knowing God: Study Guide
Packer J. I. BX9327 .P86 2005 v5 Puritan Papers, Vol. 5: 1968-1969
Packer J. I. BX9327 .P86 2004 v4 Puritan Papers: 1965-1967
Packer J. I. BX9327 .P86 2004 v3 Puritan Papers: Volume 3: 1963-1964
Palmer Edwin H. BX9422.2 .P34 Five Points of Calvinism, The
Pate C. Marvin BS2825.2 .F68 1998 Four Views on the Book of Revelation
M2130 .T74 1990 Trinity Hymnal: Red Cover Edition
Pelikan Jaroslav BS2625.53 .P38 2005 Acts (Brazos)
Perkins, et. al. William BV4210 .P47 1996 The Art of Prophesying
Phillips Richard D. BT301.2 .P475 2002 Encounters With Jesus
Phillips Richard D. BT366.3 .P47 2001 Mighty to Save
Phillips Richard D. BT375.3 .P48 2003 Turning Your World Upside Down (Parables)
Phillips Richard D. BX9423.C5 P45 2005 What Is The Lord’s Supper?
Pink Arthur W. BV4905.2 .P55 Comfort for Christians
Piper John BV2063 .P55 1993 Let the Nations Be Glad! (Missions)
Piper, et. al. John BT708 .R415 1991 Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Plantinga Cornelius BV4832.2 .P54 Beyond Doubt (Doctrinal Devotions)
Pond Clifford BV4596.P1 2001 Autumn Gold: Enjoying Old Age
Pond Clifford BT111.3 .P1 2000 This God is Our God: Enjoying The Trinity
Postman Neil P94 .P63 2006 Amusing Ourselves to Death
Postman Neil T14.5 .P667 1993 Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology
Poythress Vern S. BS478 .P69 1995 The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses
Poythress Vern S. BT157 .P68 1994 Understanding Dispensationalists
Prime Derek BX9422 .P1 1969 Bible Answers to Questions About the Christian Faith & Life
Provan Iain W. BS1151.52 .Z66 2009 1 and 2 Kings (Provan)
Provan, et. al. Iain W. BS1197 .P76 2003 A Biblical History of Israel
Ray Bruce A. BS680.S17 R39 2000 Celebrating the Sabbath
Reymond Robert L. BT216 .R49 2003 Jesus Divine Messiah
Reymond Robert L. BS680.S25 R49 2006 Lamb Of God, The
Reymond Robert L. BT75.2 .R49 1998 New Systematic Theology Of The Christian Faith, A
Reymond Robert L. BS2506.3 .R49 2003 Paul: Missionary Theologian
Richards E. Randolph BS2650.52 .R53 2004 Paul and First-Century Letter Writing
Ridderbos Herman N. BT94 .R413 1962 Coming of the Kingdom
Ridderbos Herman N. BS2651 .R513 Paul: An Outline of His Theology
Riddlebarger Kim BT892 .R53 2003 Case for Amillennialism, A
Robertson O. Palmer BT764.3 .R63 2003 Current Justification Controversy, The
Robertson O. Palmer BS1430.4 .R6 1995 Psalms in Congregational Celebration
Robertson O. Palmer BS1625.3 .R63 1990 The Books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah
Robertson O. Palmer BS680.C67 R6 1980b The Christ of the Covenants
Robinson Haddon W. BV4211.2 .R59 Biblical Preaching (Expository Preaching)
Robinson Stuart BX9175 .R63 2009 The Church of God
Ruvolo Carol J. BS480 .R85 1998 A Book Like No Other (Bible)
Ruvolo Carol J. BS600.2 .R88 1998 Turning on the Light (God’s Word)
Ryken Philip G. BV600.3 .R95 2003 c1 City on a Hill (Church)
Ryle J. C. BS2615 .R95 1987 v1 John 1 (Expository Thoughts)
Ryle J. C. BS2615 .R95 1987 v2 John 2 (Expository Thoughts)
Ryle J. C. BS2615 .R95 1987 v3 John 3 (Expository Thoughts)
Ryle J. C. BS2595.3 .R943 1986 v1 Luke Vol. 1 (Ryle)
Ryle J. C. BS2585.3 .R943 1985 Mark (Expository Thoughts on the Gospels)
Ryle J. C. BS2575.3 .R946 1986 Matthew (Expository Thoughts)
Ryle J. C. BV4501 .R95 1995 Walking with God
Ryle J.C. BR758 .R9 1978 Christian Leaders of the 18th Century
Sacks Stuart BS2775.2 .S23 1995 Hebrews Through a Hebrew’s Eyes
Schlorff Samuel BT1170 .S1 1995 Understanding the Muslim Mindset
Sanders J. Oswald BV210.2 .S26 Prayer Power Unlimited
Sandy D. Brent BS647.3 .S36 2002 Plowshares & Pruning Hooks
Sartelle John P. BV813.2 .S278 1985 c1 What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism
Sartelle John P. BV813.2 .S278 1985 c2 What Christian Parents Should Know About Infant Baptism
Schaeffer Francis A. BV4253 .S34 No Little People: Sixteen Sermons for the 20th Century
Schaeffer Francis A. BT1102 .S29 1990 The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy
Scheuers Ronald L. BR160 .S1 2011 Christ’s Living Church: A Journey from Then to Now
Schreur Tamera V. BT301 .S1 1999 Discover the Sermon on the Mount
Scott Jack B. BS1465.52 .S1 1986 Wise and Otherwise
Scott Thomas BX5199.S3 A3 1984 Force of Truth
Scott, et. al. William R. BS715 1977e A Simplified Guide to BHS
Scougal Henry BV4500 .S3969 2004 God’s Abundant Life
Selvaggio Anthony T. BS1560 .S458 2006 The Prophets Speak of Him
Selvaggio Anthony T. BV4596.M3 S458 2007 What the Bible Teaches About… Marriage
Silva Moises BS2705.53 .S58 2005 c1 Philippians (Baker)
Silva Moises BS2705.53 .S58 2005 c2 Philippians (Baker)
Sittema John R. BV4011.4 .S588 1999 Called to Preach
Sittema John R. BV680 .S58 1996 With a Shepherd’s Heart (Pastoral Office of Elder)
Smith Warren BV4501.3 .S657 2004 Deceived on Purpose
Sproul R. C BT764.3 .S67 2010 Justified by Faith Alone
Sproul R. C BS600.2 .S69 Knowing Scripture
Sproul R. C BT147 .S676 2010 The Holiness of God
Sproul R. C BT147 .S67 1998 The Holiness of God (Revision)
Sproul R. C BS2545.S27 sup 1988 The Holiness of God: Study Guide
Sproul R. C BX9183.W47 S77 2006 Truths We Confess: Westminster Confession of Faith, Vol. 1
Sproul R. C BD215 .S687 2005 Ultimate Issues
Sproul R. C BT96.3 S67 2002 When Worlds Collide: Where Is God When Terror Strikes?
Sproul R. C. BV220 .S68 1999 Does Prayer Change Things?
Sproul R. C. BT147 .S676 1998 The Holiness of God
Sproul R. C. BT147 .S676 1998 sup The Holiness of God, Study Guide
Sproul, gen. ed. R. C BS195 .E64 2005 Reformation Study Bible—ESV
Sproul, gen. ed. R. C BS195 .E64 2008 Reformation Study Bible—ESV
Stevenson Arthur J. G103.5 .W42 1988 Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary
Stewart Kenneth J. BX9422.3 .S76 2011 Ten Myths About Calvinism
Still William BV4011 .S857 2010 Work of the Pastor, The
Strimple Robert B. BS2555.2 .S765 1995 Modern Search for the Real Jesus
Strobel Lee BT202 .S82 1998 c1 The Case for Christ
Strobel Lee BT202 .S82 1998 c2 The Case for Christ
Strom Mark BS511.3 .S77 2001 The Symphony of Scripture (The Bible’s Many Themes)
Strong James BS425 .S8 1988 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
Strong James BS425 .S8 1993 Strongs Exhaustive Concordance
Strong, et. al. James BS425 .S8 2001b The Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
Stuttman Co.
BS440 .S1 1968 The Living Bible Encyclopedia in Story and Pictures


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