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Author Last Name Author First Name Call No. Title
Conn Harvie M. BT28 .C56 1974 Contemporary World Theology
Tice Rico BT60 .T53 2001 Christianity Explored: The Ultimate Discovery
Tice, et. al. Rico BT60 .T532 2003 c.1 Christianity Explored – Study Guide
Tice Rico BT60 .T532 2007 Christianity Explored – Study Guide
Tice Rico BT60 .T533 2007 Christianity Explored – Leader’s Guide
Tice, et. al. Rico BT60 .T534 2004 Christianity Explored – English Made Easy Edition Leader’s Guide
Blanchard John BT60. B1 2007 How to Enjoy Your Bible
Berkhof Louis BT75 .B36 Manual Manual of Christian Doctrine.
Berkhof Louis BT75 .B366 1947 Summary of Christian Doctrine
Berkhof Louis BT75 .B38 1996 Systematic Theology
Berkhof Louis BT75 .B38 1998 Systematic Theology
Reymond Robert L. BT75.2 .R49 1998 New Systematic Theology Of The Christian Faith, A
Horton Michael S. BT75.3 .H67 2011 Christian Faith, The: A Systematic Theology
House H. Wayne BT77.3 .H68 1992 Charts of Christian Theology & Doctrine
Denney, et. al. James BT80 .D46 1976 Studies in Theology (Lectures)
Barker, et. al. William S. BT82.25 .T44 1990 Theonomy: A Reformed Critique
Lundin Roger BT83.8 .L86 1993 The Culture of Interpretation
Ridderbos Herman N. BT94 .R413 1962 Coming of the Kingdom
Bridges Jerry BT96.2 .B73 1988 Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts, Study Guide
Sproul R. C BT96.3 S67 2002 When Worlds Collide: Where Is God When Terror Strikes?
Bray Gerald L. BT102 .B718 1993 The Doctrine of God
Horton Michael S. BT102 .H65 1996 In the Face of God
Packer J. I. BT102 .P26 1998 Knowing God
Packer J. I. BT102 .P26 1998 Knowing God
Packer J. I. BT102 .P262 1975 Knowing God: Study Guide
Vander Pol Allen BT111.2 .V36 2001 God in Three Persons
White James R. BT111.2 .W48 1998 Forgotten Trinity, The
Pond Clifford BT111.3 .P1 2000 This God is Our God: Enjoying The Trinity
Owen John BT120 .O932 2006 Glory of Christ
Kline Meredith G. BT121.2 .K555 1999 Images of the Spirit
Kuyper Abraham BT121 .K8 2009 Concise Works of the Holy Spirit
Moore T. M. BT127.3 .M66 2005 Consider the Lilies: A Plea for Creational Theology
Helm Paul BT135 .H35 1994 The Providence of God
Sproul R. C BT147 .S67 1998 The Holiness of God (Revision)
Sproul R. C. BT147 .S676 1998 The Holiness of God
Sproul R. C. BT147 .S676 1998 sup The Holiness of God, Study Guide
Sproul R. C BT147 .S676 2010 The Holiness of God
Brown, et. al. Michael G. BT155 .B1 2012 Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored
Vanden Heuvel Laurie BT155 .H1 2011 God’s Unfolding Promise: From Shadows to SONlight
Horton Michael S. BT155 .H75 2009 Introducing Covenant Theology
Moore T. M. BT155 .M58 2002 c1 I Will Be Your God
Moore T. M. BT155 .M58 2002 c2 I Will Be Your God
Poythress Vern S. BT157 .P68 1994 Understanding Dispensationalists
Hannah John D. BT180.G6 H358 2008 How Do We Glorify God?
Craig Samuel G. BT201 .C82 1956 Jesus of Yesterday and Today
Strobel Lee BT202 .S82 1998 c1 Case for Christ, The
Strobel Lee BT202 .S82 1998 c2 Case for Christ, The
Clowney Edmund P. BT203 .C57 2003 Preaching Christ in All of Scripture
Reymond Robert BT216 .R49 2003 Jesus Divine Messiah
Letham Robert BT250 .L47 1993 Work of Christ, The
Packer J. I. BT265.3 .P33 2008 In My Place Condemned He Stood
Edersheim Alfred BT301 .E3 1972 Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
Schreur Tamera V. BT301 .S1 1999 Discover the Sermon on the Mount
Phillips Richard D. BT301.2 .P475 2002 Encounters With Jesus
Anderson J. N. D. BT308 .A5 Christianity: The witness of History
Phillips Richard D. BT366.3 .P47 2001 Mighty to Save
Phillips Richard D. BT375.3 .P48 2003 Turning Your World Upside Down (Parables)
Ferguson Sinclair B. BT380.2 .F47 1988 Sermon on the Mount
Johnson Terry L. BT382 .J1 2003 When Grace Transforms (Beatitudes)
Elliot Elisabeth BT708 .E44 1984 Passion and Purity
Piper, et. al. John BT708 .R415 1991 Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Venning Ralph BT715 .V46 2004 Sin Is Serious
Warfield Benjamin B. BT751 .W294 1975 The Plan of Salvation
Needham Nicholas R. BT751.2 .N443 2000 The Triumph of Grace: Augustine’s Writings on Salvation
Bouwers, et. al. John A. BT751.3 .B1 2011 The Doctrines of Grace: Pillars of the Reformed Faith
Horton Michael S. BT751.3 .H68 2002 Putting Amazing Back into Grace
Bonar, et. al. Horatius BT764 .B66 1993 Absolutely Basic
Buchanan James BT764 .B8 1993 Not Guilty (Justification)
White James R. BT764.2 .W45 1996 Roman Catholic Controversy, The
Johnson Gary L. W. BT764.3 .B88 2006 c1 By Faith Alone (Justification)
Johnson Gary L. W. BT764.3 .B88 2006 c2 By Faith Alone (Justification)
Fesko J. V. BT764.3 .F464 2008 What is Justification by Faith Alone?
Robertson O. Palmer BT764.3 .R63 2003 Current Justification Controversy, The
Sproul R. C BT764.3 .S67 2010 Justified by Faith Alone
Davies Eryl BT775 .D1 1995 The Ultimate Rescue: Christ’s Saving Work on the Cross
Owen John BT775 .O9 2006 Life by His Death
Calvin John BT810 .C224 1987 Calvin’s Calvinism
White James R. BT810.2 .W4958 2000 The Potter’s Freedom
Bavinck Herman BT821 .B3813 1996 The Last Things: Hope for This World and the Next
Venema Cornelis P. BT821.2 .V46 2000 Promise of the Future
Dixon Larry BT836.2 .D59 2003 Other Side Of The Good News, The
Hanegraaff Hank BT872 .H36 2000 Resurrection: The Capstone In The Arch Of Christianity
Gundry, ed. Stanley N. BT891 .B55 1999 Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond
Riddlebarger Kim BT892 .R53 2003 Case for Amillennialism, A
Owen John BT972 .O1 1993 Christians Are Forever
Leith John H. BT990 .C655 1982 Creeds of the Churches
Horton Michael S. BT993.2 .H67 1998 We Believe (Apostles’ Creed)
Packer J. I. BT993.2 .P33 1977 I Want to be a Christian
Venema Cornelis P. BT993.2 .V46 1996 What We Believe (Apostles’ Creed)
Blanchard John BT1102 .B1 2008 Where Do We Go from Here?
Blanchard John BT1102 .B2 2007 Can We Be Good Without God?
Blanchard John BT1102 .B53 Right With God
Edgar William BT1102 .E1 2003 Reasons of the Heart
Schaeffer Francis A. BT1102 .S29 1990 The Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy
Van Til Cornelius BT1102 .V36 1980 Defense of the Faith, The
Schlorff Samuel BT1170 .S356 1995 Understanding the Muslim Mindset
Zaka, et. al. Anees BT1170 .Z34 2004 The Truth about Islam


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