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B-BJ Philosophy (General) BT119-123 Holy Spirit
BD Theory of knowledge BT198-590 Christology
BJ Ethics BT695-748 Creation

BT750-810 Salvation, soteriology
BR1-1725 Christian Religion BT819-972 Eschatology, last things
BR60-67 Early Church BT990-1010 Creeds, confessions, covenants
BR95 Theological dictionaries BT1095-1480 Apologetics, evidences of Christianity
BR115 Christianity and culture

BR140-1500 Church history BV1-5099 Practical Theology
BR1640-1653 Christian movements BV5-525 Worship
Biography BV590-1650 Ecclesiastical theology
BV659-680 Ministry, religious vocations
BS1-2970 The Bible BV800-873 Sacraments, ordinances
BS125-780 Works about The Bible BV2000-3705 Missions
BS701-1830 Old Testament BV3750-3799 Evangelism
New Testament
BV4000-4470 Pastoral theology
BV4485-5099 Practical theology, Christian life
BT1-1480 Doctrinal Theology

BT19-33 Doctrine and dogma BX4800-9999 Protestantism
BT60 The essence of Christianity BX8901-9225 Presbyterianism
BT65-83 Systematic theology BX9301-9359 Puritanism
BT94 Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Christ BX9401-9640 Reformed churches
BT95-96 Divine law, moral government

BT98-111 God DS-Z Miscellaneous topics


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