Jesus Honors Himself at the Feasts

After the sermon series on the worship service and the offerings in Leviticus Chapter 9, a series on Israel’s Feasts is a fitting follow-up. The basis will be Leviticus Chapter 23, where all Seven Feasts are introduced into a Festal Calendar.

Of course, these Feasts are also found all over the New Testament, particularly in the Four Gospels, where Jesus is found celebrating the feasts—as God has required of all Jews—as he fulfills all the Law. So I have named this series “Jesus Honors Himself at the Feasts.”

Join us every Lord’s Day, as we meet and celebrate Jesus at the Feasts!

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 Date  Theme  Old Testament
 New Testament
 Sep 29  INTRODUCTION: Of Festivals, New Moons, and Sabbaths  Lv 23:1-2, 37-38 (text);
Is 1:1-17
 Cl 1:16-23;
Hb 8:5; 10:1
 Oct 6  PASSOVER: “Christ Our Passover Lamb”  Ex 12:21-17; Lv 23:4-8  1Co 5:6-8 (text);
1Pt 3:18-20;
 Oct 13  UNLEAVENED BREAD: Christ Our Unleavened Bread from Heaven  Ex 12:14-20; Lv 23:4-8; Dt 16:3-4 Mt 13:33 
1Co 5:6-8 (text)
 Oct 20  FIRSTFRUITS: “Christ the Firstfruits”  Lv 23:9-14; Dt 26:1-4  1Co 15:20-26; Rm 8:20-23 (texts)
 Oct 27  WEEKS: The Gift of Pentecost
 Jl 2:28-32; Lv 23:15-21  Ac 2:1-24, 36-41
 Nov 3  TRUMPETS: Trumpeting the Gospel of the Reformation  Lv 23:23-25; Ezk 33:1-9
 Rm 10:8-17
 Nov 10  ATONEMENT: The Day of Atonement  Lv 16:3-34, 23:26-32  Hb 9:1-14 (text)
 Nov 17  TABERNACLES (BOOTHS) The Feast of Booths, Water, and Lights
 Lv 23:33-36, 39-43; Zc 14:16-19  Jn 1:14; 7:1-2, 37-39; 8:12 (texts); Rv 21:1-4


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