Resources for Lesson 3: How Do We Interpret Bible Prophecy?

This Saturday at 2 PM, we will be studying the difference between the dispensational hermeneutics versus the historic Protestant hermeneutic based on “How Do We Interpret Bible Prophecy?” in Kim Riddlebarger’s book.

Download Lesson 3 here.

Download Study Guide for Lesson 3 here.

Supplemental Readings:

“Dispensationalism: A Reformed Evaluation” By J Ligon Duncan III

“Amillennialism: Millennium Today” by David Wright (a summary of Augustine’s amillennialism in his City of God)

“The Significance of Covenant Theology in Reformed Eschatology” by Nollie Malabuyo

“Justification by Faith and the Identity of Antichrist” by Present Truth Magazine (how two Jesuits sowed the seeds of futurism, an Antichrist different from the Pope, rebuilding the Temple, etc.)

Here’s a preview of the silliness of the dispensational “literalistic” interpretation: Riddlebarger_Amillennialism_CH3_preview2

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