“Did Disaster Come to Tacloban City, Unless the LORD Has Done It?”

“God must be [have been] somewhere else or he forgot that there’s a planet called Earth.”
~ Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of Davao City

Typhoon Haiyan: residents of Tacloban city

Sermon this Lord’s Day, November 24, 2013:

Text: Amos 3:1-8
Scripture Readings: Amos 3:1-15; Luke 13:1-9; Romans 8:18-30

1. “The LORD God Does Nothing Without Revealing His Secret”
2. “Do You Think They Were Worse Sinners?”
3. “When All Things Do Not Work Together for Good”
4. “And the Great Houses Shall Come to an End”

Here’s the introduction to an essay I wrote in January 2005 in the Reformed Perspective Magazine after the great earthquake and tsunami of Indonesia on December 26, 2004.

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Since the first man Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, mankind has sought to answer some of life’s most difficult questions: Why do disasters happen? If God is a good God, why is there suffering in this world? Why me? These age-old questions come to the forefront again after the South Asia earthquake-tsunami disaster. Christians of course answer with an affirmation of God’s sovereignty. But some of us ask, Is God sovereign only over good, and not over evil? Others, like Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, suggest that we should not seek for answers, but only to be involved in a “passionate engagement with the lives that are left” and to seek “ways of changing the situation.”

But what does the Bible say?

I’ll post the whole essay this Sunday evening.

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