What is the Reformed Faith?

By Dr. Michael S. Horton © 1993 Modern Reformation Magazine How do I go to God?", someone asked the Scottish Presbyterian, Horatius Bonar. The parson answered, "It is with our sins that we go to God, for we … [Read more...]

“What is a Reformed Church?”

© 2008 by Daniel R. Hyde. All rights reserved Download PDF booklet of this article A Reformed church is Christian, Protestant, Confessional, not Catholic, not "dead, traditional, or ritualistic." We believe that … [Read more...]

Pasig Location

To download a printer-friendly PDF file of this location map and directions, click here. Our address and telephone number: Touch Community Baptist Church Sunset Drive cor. Pacific Ave., Brookside Hills, 1900 … [Read more...]

A Brief Walk-Through Our Worship Liturgy

Because of Christ's work in offering himself as a sacrifice to cleanse us of our sin, we are fit to enter the heavenly Holy of Holies to worship the Triune God. "Your worship service looks and feels like Roman … [Read more...]

Pasig Covenant Reformed Church Welcomes You

PCovRC Logo

We’re glad you’ve taken some time to see who we are. Located in Pasig City, Metro Manila we are a young church proclaiming the historic Christian faith of the Reformation. To find out what makes us distinct, browse … [Read more...]

Why We Have Creeds & Confessions

Reformed Confessions Harmonized

Mention to an evangelical the words "creed" and "confession" and more often than not, the reaction will be, "Our church has no creed but Christ." Thinking that this is a wise saying, they do not realize how ironic and … [Read more...]

What We Believe

The great ancient ecumenical creeds - Apostles' Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed, Definition of Chalcedon - are excellent statements of faith regarding the Holy Trinity, Christ, and the essential Christian Gospel. … [Read more...]

Our Story

First Worship Service

  Beginnings A core group of young people first met for Bible study at our home in Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines on a Saturday afternoon, July 21, 2008, in the midst of a destructive typhoon that hit the … [Read more...]