“Damascus Will Become a Heap of Ruins”

  Isaiah 17:1-14 (text); Acts 26:12-23 © Rev. Nollie Malabuyo • September 15, 2013 • Download this sermon (PDF) Dear friends: Syria: another Middle East conflict, another money-making opportunity for … [Read more...]

“Good News in the Year of the Lord’s Favor”

"Jesus Unrolls the Book in the Synagogue" by James Tissot

When Christ first came preaching good news, he inaugurated "the year of the Lord's favor." When will this "year" end? When he returns from heaven to usher in the eternal Sabbath rest, the eternal jubilee of … [Read more...]

“The Glory of the Lord has Risen Upon You”

  In the midst of our difficult pilgrimage in this present darkness, look expectantly to the brightness of the coming Light of the world, Christ who will bring everlasting righteousness, justice, peace, and glory … [Read more...]

God’s True Covenant People Are Not Pretenders

If Isaiah were alive today, he would call prosperity gospel preachers and most televangelists and megachurch pastors blind, ignorant, useless, greedy and insatiable dogs, just as he called the false shepherds of Israel … [Read more...]

“God Sent Forth His Son”

Isaiah 9:6-7

In the fullness of time, when the earthly stage was perfectly set up for this great drama of redemption, God the Father proclaimed to the heavenly council, “It is time!” And so the Son of God came down to earth as a … [Read more...]

Immanuel: Born of Woman a True and Righteous Man

The Annunciation by Francesco Albani

  God dwelt with his people in the Tabernacle and Temple, and he dwells with his people now through the Holy Spirit. In fact, in all the texts that we studied, the word for “dwell” comes from the same word for … [Read more...]

“Come! Enter into the Blessings of the Everlasting Covenant”

  Early in his book, Isaiah spoke of another sign, that of a child born of a virgin, whose name shall be called Immanuel, God with us. Immanuel will fulfill Isaiah's prophecy by giving God's people true food and … [Read more...]

Why Obey the Voice of the Lord

  Text: Isaiah 50:10-51:8 • Scripture Readings: Isaiah 50:10-51:8, 17-23; John 15:18-27, 16:32-33 November 6, 2011 Why do we have such high regard and fond memories of our grandparents? It is not just because … [Read more...]

“You Are My Witnesses”

  Isaiah 43:8-44:5 (text); Acts 1:1-8 Rev. Nollie Malabuyo • October 16, 2011 Less than ten years ago, when Christians said that Mormonism is a cult, there was no protest or raised eyebrows or unbelief … [Read more...]

Two Prayers, Two Answers, and an Ominous Ending

How did God hear Hezekiah’s prayers for forgiveness and salvation? Only through the fulfillment of God’s promise to his father David: the Son of David who would sit on his father’s throne forever, whose kingdom shall be … [Read more...]