Resources for Liturgical Worship (1): Prayers Part 3

Prayers Surrounding Scripture Readings and Sermon * Words Before Scripture Readings The following are examples of simple phrases to announce the specific text: The Word of the Lord from... A reading from the book … [Read more...]

Resources for Liturgical Worship (1): Prayers Part 2

  "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to THE breaking of bread and THE prayers" (Acts 2:42). The Pastoral Prayer (approved 9/30/05) Approved by the Liturgical Forms and … [Read more...]

Why We Sing “Gloria Patri” and Other Doxologies

  (Note: Near the bottom of the page, you can learn how to sing these doxologies by singing along with the music player.) First-time or infrequent visitors to our churches might be surprised by what we sing, … [Read more...]

The Strasbourg Liturgy Of 1545 (Part 1)

John Calvin in His Study

In 1542, while he was the pastor of the Reformed church in Strasbourg, John Calvin published his first liturgy. Here's the first part of a revision he published in 1545 (second part later). How did the children of the … [Read more...]

A Brief Walk-Through Our Worship Liturgy

Because of Christ's work in offering himself as a sacrifice to cleanse us of our sin, we are fit to enter the heavenly Holy of Holies to worship the Triune God. "Your worship service looks and feels like Roman … [Read more...]

Preparatory Reading Before Lord’s Supper

Our church administers the Lord's Supper to our professing members and others who are also professing members of a true church, all of them members in good standing of their churches. Before coming to the Lord's table, … [Read more...]