How Leviticus 9 Informs Our Worship Service

  Our current sermon series is Leviticus 9 in which we study and meditate on the offerings described in this chapter and elsewhere. These offerings were performed right after the ordination of Aaron and his sons … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Sing Such Old Songs?

I'm sure this is what most visitors are itching to ask us as soon as we sing our first Psalm of praise in our Lord's Day worship service. Although we sing some of the great hymns of the church, we prefer to sing Psalms … [Read more...]

Why We Sing “Gloria Patri” and Other Doxologies

  (Note: Near the bottom of the page, you can learn how to sing these doxologies by singing along with the music player.) First-time or infrequent visitors to our churches might be surprised by what we sing, … [Read more...]

Why Do You Spend So Much Time Preparing the Liturgy?

  Why prepare liturgy? Why not just “let the Spirit lead” —which actually means, “Just wing it,” or in Nike parlance, “Just do it,” or in Filipinos' fatalism, "Bahala na!"? Why the whole service matters a great … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Catholic Rituals? Part 3

  Communion Communion, or Holy Communion, is another one of evangelicalism's most dreaded words. Again, however, this is another biblical word, from the Greek koinonia, which means "close association involving … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Catholic Rituals? Part 2

  Absolution After confession, God declares us pardoned through Christ who made satisfaction for our sins. The minister has authority in Christ to declare forgiveness (Matt 18:18; John 20:23). He may also … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Catholic Rituals? Part 1

  Confession For evangelicals, these three words conjure up a nightmare of a confessional, adoration of the host, and other forms of Roman Catholic sacerdotalism. James asked me about these things: Please … [Read more...]

A Brief Walk-Through Our Worship Liturgy

Because of Christ's work in offering himself as a sacrifice to cleanse us of our sin, we are fit to enter the heavenly Holy of Holies to worship the Triune God. "Your worship service looks and feels like Roman … [Read more...]

Rev. Terry Johnson on Reformed Worship

Office Hours at Westminster Seminary

Professor Scott Clark of Office Hours of Westminster Seminary in California talks to Rev. Terry Johnson. Rev. Johnson is Senior Minister of Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia. In this episode, Rev. … [Read more...]

Resources for Liturgical Worship (2): Call to Worship

  In evangelical churches, it is typical for the pastor to open the worship service with "Good morning!" or "Welcome!" or even with a joke as an "ice-breaker." In contrast to this man-centered opening words, … [Read more...]