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Joel R. Beeke: "Psalm Singing in Calvin and the Puritans" R. Scott Clark: "The Strasbourg Liturgy of 1545" Michael Brown: What is the Benediction? Michael Brown: Why the Pastor Wears a Robe? Michael … [Read more...]

“‘On the Necessity of Reforming the Church,’ Today!”

Psalm 82 in the Genevan Psalter

For a printer-friendly PDF copy, click here. Reformed Worship Series: Introduction • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 In 1543, the great French and Genevan Reformer John Calvin wrote a treatise addressed to … [Read more...]

Why Do We Sing the Psalms?

Psalm 82 in the 1562 Genevan Psalter

If you visit one of our services, you will notice that it is saturated with Scriptures. And one of the ways in which we expose the congregation to large portions of Scriptures is by singing God's songbook, the Psalter. … [Read more...]

Bulletin for August 22, 2010

Pasig Evening Worship August 22, 2010 2:30 p.m. Preaching: Rev. Nollie Malabuyo [table id=3 /] … [Read more...]

Why is Our Worship so Serious?

Tagaytay Retreat Worship Service

© 2004, 2008 by Daniel R. Hyde. Originally published as "Why is Reformed Worship so Serious?" in The Journal of the Church Music National Conference (Winter 2004): 3–6. Here in San Diego county we have a weekly magazine … [Read more...]

Bulletin for August 15, 2010

Pasig Evening Worship August 15, 2010 2:30 p.m. Preaching: Rev. Nollie Malabuyo [table id=1 /] … [Read more...]

The Ancient Path to True Worship (Jeremiah 6:16)

  Text: Jeremiah 6:16 Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 6:1-26; Matthew 7:13-14 September 21, 2008 Print this sermon (PDF) About ten years ago, we went on a hike to a big, raging waterfall in the … [Read more...]

Bulletin for August 10, 2008

First Pasig Evening Worship August 10, 2008 3:00 p.m. Preaching: Rev. Nollie Malabuyo [table id=2 /] … [Read more...]