“The Evangelical Sacrament”

"When Washer is confronted with this girl who is terrified of God’s judgement, he commands her to 'cry out to God until he saves you.' Later the girl (after a lot of crying out) is saved. This is evidenced by her 'glowing'."

Levi Nunnink, "Evangelical Catholic. Episcopalian in Ecclesiology, Lutheran in everything else," has offered great insight about evangelicals in "The Evangelical Sacrament." He offers as an example the preaching of Paul … [Read more...]

Liturgy for January 12, 2014

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  * All who are able, please stand. Entering Into Worship * Call to Worship: Psalm 66:1-4, 13-15 * Invocation: Psalm 124:8 * Salutation: 1 Timothy 1:2; 1 Peter 1:2 * Opening Prayer * Song of Praise: Come, … [Read more...]

New Sermon Series: “To the Praise of God’s Glorious Grace”

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On the Lord's Day, January 12, 2014, we will begin a new sermon series based on the Canons of Dort: "To the Praise of God's Glorious Grace" a quote from Ephesians 1:6. The Canons of Dort (CD) consists of five "Heads … [Read more...]

Liturgy for December 22, 2013

"Presentation in the Temple" by Lodovico Carracci, ca. 1605 (click to enlarge)

* All who are able, please stand. Hymn Sing: Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates! (Psa 24) Entering Into Worship * Call to Worship: Luke 1:46-55 * Invocation: Psalm 124:8 * Salutation: 1 Timothy 1:2; 1 Peter … [Read more...]

Songs Recommended for Advent Worship

The following is a list of songs I like to sing during the Advent Season. Most of the these songs listed are approved by the URCNA, with a few deletions and additions. Hymn Words By  Tune Advent of Our God, … [Read more...]

“A Hebrew Son Cast into the Nile”

"The Finding of Moses" by Nicolas Poussin, 1594-1665 (click to enlarge)

  Exodus 1:22-2:10 (text); Matt 1:18-23; 2:1-2, 10-16; Acts 7:17-22; Heb 11:23-26 © December 1, 2013 • Download this sermon (PDF) • Download liturgy (PDF) Introduction Beloved congregation of Christ: Every … [Read more...]

Liturgy for December 1, 2013: First Sunday of Advent

Download liturgy here (PDF) Scripture Readings: Reading of the Law: Hebrews 13:3-11 Assurance of Pardon: Psalm 69:13, 29-30 Scripture Lessons: Exodus 1:22-2:10 (text); Matt 1:18-23; 2:1-2, 10-16; Acts 7:17-22; Heb … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving of Fasting and Oysters

"The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth" by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914 (click image to enlarge)

  To All Our Friends and Supporters in the States: We're thankful for all your prayers and support through all our five years. May the LORD bless you and keep you and be gracious to you this Thanksgiving Day and … [Read more...]

“Did Disaster Come to Tacloban City, Unless the LORD Has Done It?”

Typhoon Haiyan: residents of Tacloban city

“God must be [have been] somewhere else or he forgot that there’s a planet called Earth." ~ Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of Davao City Sermon this Lord's Day, November 24, 2013: Text: Amos 3:1-8 Scripture Readings: … [Read more...]

Help Rebuild Lives After Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

From BBCnews.com

DECEMBER 21, 2013 UPDATE: Here's a 20th Century Fox "movie trailer" I received from a Facebook friend. Click on the image to go to the "trailer." UPDATE (late November): We're visiting the Boracay mission next … [Read more...]