The Only Son Blesses All the Nations

  Readings: Genesis 22:15-18 (text); Galatians 3:16, 28-29 December 23, 2012 • Pasig Covenant Reformed Church • Download PDF sermon The first time God revealed himself to Abraham, he was a 75-year-old pagan … [Read more...]

Summary Points on Christian Baptism (Updated)

Here's a summary of the points I made in my last sermon on Christian baptism: The Meaning of Baptism 1. Baptism is not a Christian's public profession of his own decision to believe in Christ (a truly Arminian idea), … [Read more...]

“Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

Circumcision of Isaac

To thousands of new Jewish converts to Christianity, this was the meaning of believers-only baptism: as soon as they believed in Christ, their children, formerly members of God's own treasured people, now have become … [Read more...]

Treasures, Hearts, Tithes (Matthew 6:19-24)

Solomon and the Queen Of Sheba by Giovanni Demin

Your iPods, iPhones and iPads may be treasures on earth, but they are trash in heaven. Your earthly possessions are of no value to you in heaven. You yourselves will be of no value to God, if all the treasures you laid … [Read more...]

Why Obey the Voice of the Lord

  Text: Isaiah 50:10-51:8 • Scripture Readings: Isaiah 50:10-51:8, 17-23; John 15:18-27, 16:32-33 November 6, 2011 Why do we have such high regard and fond memories of our grandparents? It is not just because … [Read more...]

Brought from Mount Sinai to Mount Zion

The church in Galatia used to be slaves like Hagar and sons of slaves like Ishmael who came from Mount Sinai in Arabia. But now, they are free people, like Sarah and Isaac, having been brought by Christ from Mount Sinai … [Read more...]