Welcome to a REFORMED CHURCH Study Guide

  © Pasig Covenant Reformed Church • May 2012 Whenever someone new visits and joins our worship service, I always try to imagine what their thoughts could be as they come out of our door. Some of these … [Read more...]

Four Views of the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Grover Gunn, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Winona, MS, discusses the four differing views of the Lord's Supper in his sermon "Four Views of the Lord's Supper," based on Matthew 26:26-28. He first compares … [Read more...]

Daily Lent Devotionals: March 15

"But No Man Laid Hands Upon Him" by James Tissot

The Cross, the Virgin, and Her Son—But Where Were the Other Sons? Continuing on the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was an eyewitness to her own Son's execution, we come now to the question: Why did Jesus … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Confession, Absolution, and Communion?

Aren't these Roman Catholic stuff? For evangelicals, these three words conjure up a nightmare of a confessional, adoration of the host, and other forms of Roman Catholic sacerdotalism. James asked me about these … [Read more...]

Dinuguan: Yum-yum, But Wait…

Dinuguan is a stew of meat, pork or chicken blood and innards that most Filipinos savor. The most common ingredients are organ meats or innards—typically stomach, intestines, ears, and heart—simmered in a thick, spicy, … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on the “Blessed” Pope John Paul II

With the beatification of Pope John Paul II, he is now called "Blessed" by the Roman church, declaring that it is "worthy of belief" that he is in heaven, having come to salvation, and is worthy to be "venerated." This … [Read more...]

The Athanasian Creed

This Creed is named after Athanasius (293-373 A.D.), the champion of orthodoxy over against Arian attacks upon the doctrine of the Trinity. Although Athanasius did not write this Creed and it is improperly named after … [Read more...]

The Son of God, Our King, Releases Satan’s Captives (Mark 5:1-20)

  Can a Christian be Possessed by Evil Spirits? The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on August 20, 2008 that about 25 students in a public high school in Calapan City, Mindoro province have suffered seizures and … [Read more...]