New Sermon Mini-Series: Biblical Worship in Five Parts

A Study of the Worship Service in Leviticus 9 I'm planning a mini-series of four sermons, Lord willing, on the Worship Service found in Leviticus 9. This was the first worship service in the wilderness tabernacle … [Read more...]

Four Views of the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Grover Gunn, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Winona, MS, discusses the four differing views of the Lord's Supper in his sermon "Four Views of the Lord's Supper," based on Matthew 26:26-28. He first compares … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Confession, Absolution, and Communion?

Aren't these Roman Catholic stuff? For evangelicals, these three words conjure up a nightmare of a confessional, adoration of the host, and other forms of Roman Catholic sacerdotalism. James asked me about these … [Read more...]