Psalms for 5th Anniversary Service

  Just preparing the order of worship for our 5th Anniversary Service gets me excited and energized. Here are the four psalms I chose for singing. Wait a few seconds for the music player to load. Opening Song … [Read more...]

The Righteous and the Wicked (Psalm 1)

The psalms are an extremely important part of the church: prayers, songs, emotions, and doctrine. During the early church and the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation, the Psalms were almost exclusively sung in the … [Read more...]

New Church Banner

Our deacon, Ariel Crisostomo, is also a professional graphic artist. He has designed this great banner that will be displayed in our new venue in Brookside Hills Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal. The church of our … [Read more...]

Teaching Covenant Children

  Deuteronomy 6:1-9 (text); Hebrews 8:1-13 June 17, 2012 Download this sermon (PDF) In the Bible, there are two great covenants that God made with man. First is God’s covenant with Adam, the … [Read more...]

Welcome to a REFORMED CHURCH Study Guide

  © Pasig Covenant Reformed Church • May 2012 Whenever someone new visits and joins our worship service, I always try to imagine what their thoughts could be as they come out of our door. Some of these … [Read more...]

Summary Points on Christian Baptism (Updated)

Here's a summary of the points I made in my last sermon on Christian baptism: The Meaning of Baptism 1. Baptism is not a Christian's public profession of his own decision to believe in Christ (a truly Arminian idea), … [Read more...]

“Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

Circumcision of Isaac

To thousands of new Jewish converts to Christianity, this was the meaning of believers-only baptism: as soon as they believed in Christ, their children, formerly members of God's own treasured people, now have become … [Read more...]

Aliens, Citizens, and a Holy Temple

The Circumcision by Peter Paul Rubens, 1605

  The idea of dividing God's people into two, the church and Israel, is completely untenable based on this and many other Scripture passages. Jesus even taught that he has two flocks, one Jewish and another … [Read more...]

Our Lord’s Glad News

Jeremiah by Chagall

  Our song of grief in the midst of suffering is to turn into a new song of praise after God pulls us out of the muddy pit. This is why the Psalms often speak of “a new song," not because the Psalmist composes a … [Read more...]

God’s True Covenant People Are Not Pretenders

If Isaiah were alive today, he would call prosperity gospel preachers and most televangelists and megachurch pastors blind, ignorant, useless, greedy and insatiable dogs, just as he called the false shepherds of Israel … [Read more...]