Kaayusan sa Pagsamba—July 28, 2013

Come, join us as we worship a holy and gracious God with reverence and joy! Liturgical Element of the Week: This week, we focus on one of the prayers in worship—the Confession of Sin. What is it, and … [Read more...]

The Sixth Petition and Closing: The Word, Prayer and Spirit to Help

  Daniel 3:13-25; Matthew 6:13 and Luke 8:4-15 (texts); Heidelberg Catechism LD 52 April 7, 2013 • Download PDF sermon We come now to the end of our series on the Lord's Prayer portion of the Heidelberg … [Read more...]

The Fifth Petition: Forgive Us Our Debts

  1 Kings 8:46-53; Matthew 6:12 & 18:21-35 (texts); Heidelberg Catechism LD 51 Rev. Nollie Malabuyo • April 7, 2013 • Download PDF Sermon When we read in the newspapers figures about debts of … [Read more...]

The Fourth Petition: Trusting in the LORD, Not in Man, for Our Needs

  Jeremiah 17:5-8; Matthew 6:11; Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 50 March 24, 2013 • Pasig Covenant Reformed Church Download this sermon (PDF) Of all stores in a mall, market, or neighborhood, … [Read more...]

The Third Petition: “War of Wills”

  Psalm 103:20-21; Matthew 6:10 & Luke 22:42 (texts); Romans 7:14-25; HC LD 49 March 17, 2013 • Download this sermon (PDF) Christian men, here's a line that's guaranteed to get that Christian girl of your … [Read more...]

The Second Petition: “Your Kingdom Come”

  Luke 17:20-30 (text); Daniel 7:13-14; Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 48 March 10, 2013 • Preached at Trinity Covenant Reformed Church and Pasig Covenant Reformed Church Download this sermon (PDF) Last … [Read more...]

“Our Father Who is in Heaven”

  Isaiah 63:15-16; Matt 7:9-11 & Luke 11:11-13 (texts); HC LD 46 February 24, 2013 Download this sermon (PDF)   Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us a model prayer, saying, “When you pray, … [Read more...]

“When You Pray…”

  Matthew 6:5-15 (text); Jonah 3:1-10; Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 45 February 10, 2013 • Download PDF sermon Today, we come to the last portion of the third part of the Heidelberg Catechism, which is … [Read more...]

Sermon Series on Prayer

  How is your prayer life? This is one of the more embarrassing questions that Christians ask each other, because our prayer life usually consists in a few minutes in our daily devotions. Today (February 10, … [Read more...]

Two Prayers, Two Answers, and an Ominous Ending

How did God hear Hezekiah’s prayers for forgiveness and salvation? Only through the fulfillment of God’s promise to his father David: the Son of David who would sit on his father’s throne forever, whose kingdom shall be … [Read more...]