Things to Read & Know Before Partaking of the Lord’s Supper With Us

Every first Lord's Day of the month, we have a holy feast for our souls as we partake of the Lord's Supper. You are invited to partake of this holy food with us if you read—and agree with—the following … [Read more...]

Open, Closed, or Close Communion?

  Why we don't let any and all visitors partake of the Lord's Supper without an interview I was raised in a denomination in the Philippines called Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Cristo, a widely evangelical … [Read more...]

Summary Points on Christian Baptism (Updated)

Here's a summary of the points I made in my last sermon on Christian baptism: The Meaning of Baptism 1. Baptism is not a Christian's public profession of his own decision to believe in Christ (a truly Arminian idea), … [Read more...]

“Abraham the Father of All Who Believe”

Circumcision of Isaac

To thousands of new Jewish converts to Christianity, this was the meaning of believers-only baptism: as soon as they believed in Christ, their children, formerly members of God's own treasured people, now have become … [Read more...]

Four Views of the Lord’s Supper

Dr. Grover Gunn, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Winona, MS, discusses the four differing views of the Lord's Supper in his sermon "Four Views of the Lord's Supper," based on Matthew 26:26-28. He first compares … [Read more...]

“I Thirst”: The Three Cups of Christ

"I Thirst, Vinegar Given To Jesus," by James Tissot

Christ was offered two "cups." But he has blessed believers with one precious cup. Psalm 69:20-21; Matthew 27:34, 48; John 19:28-30 (text) April 1, 2012 Download PDF sermon Children, if you were … [Read more...]

Why Obey the Voice of the Lord

  Text: Isaiah 50:10-51:8 • Scripture Readings: Isaiah 50:10-51:8, 17-23; John 15:18-27, 16:32-33 November 6, 2011 Why do we have such high regard and fond memories of our grandparents? It is not just because … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Confession, Absolution, and Communion?

Aren't these Roman Catholic stuff? For evangelicals, these three words conjure up a nightmare of a confessional, adoration of the host, and other forms of Roman Catholic sacerdotalism. James asked me about these … [Read more...]

Calvin on the Eucharist

The Lord's Supper

Calvin... said that the Sacrament is much more than just a memorial. It is not just a time when we sit and think good thoughts. It is a time in which we are fed, nourished. We meet the risen Christ. Therefore, it should … [Read more...]