“What is a Reformed Church?”

© 2008 by Daniel R. Hyde. All rights reserved Download PDF booklet of this article A Reformed church is Christian, Protestant, Confessional, not Catholic, not "dead, traditional, or ritualistic." We believe that … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on the “Blessed” Pope John Paul II

With the beatification of Pope John Paul II, he is now called "Blessed" by the Roman church, declaring that it is "worthy of belief" that he is in heaven, having come to salvation, and is worthy to be "venerated." This … [Read more...]

Calvin on the Eucharist

The Lord's Supper

Calvin... said that the Sacrament is much more than just a memorial. It is not just a time when we sit and think good thoughts. It is a time in which we are fed, nourished. We meet the risen Christ. Therefore, it should … [Read more...]

Photos of Mars Hill Study Center

These are some early pictures of Mars Hill Study Center. … [Read more...]

First Photos

These are some early pictures of Mars Hill Study Center. … [Read more...]

The Son of God, Our King, Releases Satan’s Captives (Mark 5:1-20)

  Can a Christian be Possessed by Evil Spirits? The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on August 20, 2008 that about 25 students in a public high school in Calapan City, Mindoro province have suffered seizures and … [Read more...]

Worship Services at Mars Hill

A small group of Reformed believers has started meeting on Sunday afternoons at Mars Hill Study Center on August 10, 2008. We begin with a Bible study at 1:30 pm, followed by a time of fellowship, and then by a worship … [Read more...]