Trumpeting the Gospel of the Reformation

  Ezekiel 33:1-9 (text); Leviticus 23:23-25; Romans 10:8-17 © November 3, 2013 • Download this sermon (PDF) Introduction C congregation of Christ: Most Reformed churches worldwide commemorated Reformation … [Read more...]

Bulletin for November 3, 2013: Trumpeting the Gospel of the Reformation

Download this liturgy (PDF). Pages 1 and 2 should be printed double-sided. Page 3 should be printed on both sides and cut into half to make it a bulletin insert. § Entering Into Worship * Responsive Call to … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Church Have Confession, Absolution, and Communion?

Aren't these Roman Catholic stuff? For evangelicals, these three words conjure up a nightmare of a confessional, adoration of the host, and other forms of Roman Catholic sacerdotalism. James asked me about these … [Read more...]

“Brother, are you born again?”

  To our surprise, all those who raised their hands were herded into a room where there were some other people waiting. After a few friendly questions about who we are and where we came from, they asked us, “Are … [Read more...]