Mars Hill Study Center

Mars Hill Study Center

Lord willing, Mars Hill Study Center will open its doors to the public on July 31, 2008. Since our target communities are in Pasig, Mandaluyong, Cainta, Taytay, and Antipolo, it will be centrally located in Ortigas Avenue Extension in the heart of Pasig. In reasonable traffic, it is only 20 minutes from downtown Antipolo and 15 minutes from Ortigas Center. Our address is: RCJ Building Room 305, Ortigas Ave. Ext. corner Countryside Ave., Pasig City, Metro Manila. See location map on the left. UPDATE: OPENING DAY IS JULY 31, 2008.

Our Name
Upon his arrival in Athens (Acts 17:16-34) on his second missionary journey, one of Paul’s first destinations was the Areopagus, the “Hill of Ares,” the Greek god of war, known by Romans as Mars. Proud of their great artists, writers and thinkers, Athens was also the cradle of democracy and the center of learning. It was in the Areopagus where the best philosophers of the civilized world – Stoics and Epicureans – discussed their “latest and greatest” ideas.

Sensing that Paul was bringing some new “philosophy” and “a preacher of foreign divinities,” the Athenians asked him, “May we know what this new teaching is that you are presenting? For you bring some strange things to our ears. We wish to know therefore what these things mean.” And day by day, as in the synagogue and in the marketplace, Paul reasoned with them, using their own poets and philosophers to preach the gospel of the risen Christ against their many idols.

Our Purpose
Mars Hill Study Center is a Christian study and teaching center seeking to glorify God through pastoral education and training. Its primary task is to provide free resources to pastors in nearby communities, including:

  • Printed and electronic media such as books, commentaries, journals, magazines and periodicals;
  • Audiovisual electronic media such as DVDs, CDs, and tapes;
  • Seminars and workshops on various topics necessary to be effective in church ministry; and
  • Internet resources.

These resources will cover biblical, theological, and ministerial disciplines to help pastors to develop intellectually and spiritually as leaders. While the focus of the study center is to to educate and prepare men for office-bearing ordained ministries of instruction and leadership as pastors, it will also make its resources available for other men and women who desire to serve the church so that the whole body of Christ may be enriched through the diverse gifts bestowed by God’s Spirit.

The mission of Mars Hill Study Center is to assist churches in preparing and training their pastors for leadership and ministry by providing substantive resources and curriculum. It seeks to develop in its students a balanced combination of knowledge (scholarship) and zeal (Christ-like piety) by expanding their Biblical knowledge, stimulate analytical and critical thinking, and challenge them to cultivate godly and righteous lives in order to present a credible testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You are warmly invited to visit Mars Hill Study Center: to glorify Christ, to teach his Gospel, to serve his Church. Tell your friends! Download an announcement or a needs flyer.

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Associate Pastor of Trinity United Reformed Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Assigned as missionary to the Philippines. Lives just outside Metro Manila with wife and daughter. Three older boys live and work in CA.